leveraging Deltek Costpoint data for analytics

Government  contractors  face multiple, complex regulatory demands in analyzing and reporting data from both Costpoint and other key business systems.   To  succeed, contractors need to optimize  project management and project performance.  They often need to combine operational data with external data,  such as demographic information, marketing data, pipeline  information,  among others.  These needs require increasing investment and data risk mitigation solutions. 

How  can  government contractors solve for  these needs without yielding data  sovereignty?  The answer lies in the implementation of a comprehensive, secure,  cloud-based data strategy.  By determining how to ingest,  prepare  and model data at the enterprise level, data siloes can be broken down, knowledge becomes reusable  across use cases  and  data-driven decision making can take hold in the organization.  

Watch this  on demand webinar, originally presented during Deltek Insight 2021, to  explore best practices in analytics  design and deployment  to leverage the insights  held  in  Deltek Costpoint and other key business systems,  while leveraging best-in-class cloud strategies.  

For more information or to learn how more about the complimentary mini assessment, reach out to Matt Pluster.

Matt Pluster
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