Fed Talks: Administrative Agreements and Independent Monitors

Fed Talks is a series of audio episodes featuring current issues in government contracting, offering thoughtful, bite-sized insights with rotating guests from inside and outside Baker Tilly.

On this episode of Fed Talks, we discuss how contractors or recipients of assistance awards (grantees) can assess their organizational risks and improve internal controls when faced with the imposition of an Administrative Agreement.  Baker Tilly subject matter experts Patrick Fitzgerald and Delaney Gordon dig into this topic, and further discuss how organizations can get out in front of the government’s concerns to address issues early and efficiently.  Questions addressed include:

1. What is an administrative agreement and when does the government impose this type of independent oversight?

2. How does a contractor or grantee know when an Administrative Agreement is being contemplated and what can the contractor do to lessen the impact of the Agreement on its operations?

3. What are the best mitigation strategies that contractors and grantees can implement to avoid administrative agreements altogether?

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About the Host

Derek Boyd, CPA, Director

Derek consults with numerous government contractors to design and build compliant cost accounting and business systems in accordance with FAR, CAS, and DFARS requirements and industry best practices. Derek has supported contractors in both a consultative and internal capacity for over a dozen years, working directly with contractors and their government stakeholders.


About the Guests

Patrick Fitzgerald, Director

Pat has more than 35 years of experience in government auditing and acquisition, including expertise in enhancing the cost effectiveness of business operations, resolving compliance challenges, improving business system effectiveness, conducting internal investigations, preparing for negotiations, and improving relationships between contractors, auditors and contracting officers. He is the former director of the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) for the Department of Defense (DoD) where he oversaw the agency’s $600 million budget and the 5,000 professionals providing contract audit and advisory services.


Delaney Gordon, Manager

Delaney has more than six years of experience providing government contracts advisory and federal consulting services, working with a variety of clients, including non-profits, government contractors, and federal agencies. She specializes in government compliance and risk management. Prior to joining Baker Tilly, she worked for a professional services firm in their public sector advisory practice.

About the Producer

Andrew Graziano, Senior Consultant

Andrew has been with Baker Tilly for over 2 years and has spent that time working with government contractors on a wide variety of compliance matters.  In particular, Andrew has experience with incurred cost proposals, indirect rate modeling, price proposal preparation, cost impact analysis, and commercial sales practice disclosures. In his spare time, he produces and edits this Fed Talks podcast.

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