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Solving Critical Challenges: Deltek Insight 2019 Conference Experience

Baker Tilly was proud to be the exclusive Diamond Sponsor of Deltek Insight 2019 in Orlando, which brought a world of value to Deltek users, partners and govcon industry experts who are passionate about powering project success. Our inaugural Theater Session featured a spirited Family Feud-style game. It was quite a hit, with audience participation from Baker Tilly clients and govcon attendees. Baker Tilly also spoke on the below topics throughout the conference- all geared toward better equipping you to solve problems and harness opportunities:

Back to the Future! What to Expect from DCAA's New Accounting System Audits:  Joe McCaffrey, partner in Baker Tilly’s government contractor advisory practice, and Vince Perez from Booz Allen Hamilton, discussed how to understand DCAA's newly published accounting system audit program.  They dusted off those old DCAA ICAPS as they explored DCAA's audit approach, including "hidden" IT system expectations, when DCAA may conduct an audit and lessons learned from past audits. This session was standing room only!

An Audit and Compliance Grab Bag: DCAA & DCMA Trends with a Costpoint Lens:  Derek Boyd, senior manager in Baker Tilly’s government contractor advisory practice, and Nathan Geesaman from Accenture discussed: 'Compliance wants what?' This session helped audience members understand “why” and provided an overview of DCAA & DCMA trends. Participants said the discussion on managing audit requests was especially helpful.

Best Practices in Subcontract Accounting and Administration:  Russell Forbes, manager in Baker Tilly’s government contractor advisory practice, discussed how government contractors face unique challenges and compliance criteria for subcontract administration and accounting. From satisfying contract requirements to program accounting, this session identified the nuances of government contracting and how Costpoint Subcontractor Management can help. It concluded with a discussion on common challenges and actionable best practices.

True Life: Deltek Costpoint Planning and Your Organization’s FP&A Process: Kelsey Jones and Chris Burke with our business information systems group covered Costpoint planning implementation approaches, challenges and successes. They discussed Project, New Business, Resource and Organization Budgeting and some of the ways companies are leveraging these tools instead of Excel to fulfill their budgeting and planning requirements. The audience included a mix of Costpoint Planning experience. Thanks to Deltek’s Planning product lead, Janet O'Brien, for attending!

Top 10 Labor-Induced Headaches Solved!: Larissa Simkovich, manager with our government contractor advisory practice, addressed how Deltek Costpoint can help to mitigate the top 10 risks associated with labor accounting and timekeeping in this informative session. This session featured a lot of great questions and audience engagement. One participant said: “I felt like I learned more here than I did anywhere at Insight.”

Ch-Ch-Changes:  Time to face the change:  Baker Tilly discussed what changes you should be vigilant making in Deltek Costpoint and the proper methods in making those changes. Participants learned what fields in Costpoint drive system functionality and how to change those fields in proper process.  Though it was hidden away in small conference room, this session was packed!

Contract Management: Make it your Strategic Advantage not your Achilles Heel: Jamie Sybert, director and Rachelle Jackson, manager with our government contractor advisory practice, discussed the cumbersome contracts management processes. They covered how Costpoint Contract Management can provide you a leg up on the competition by quickly analyzing new opportunity data. Participants also learned how to provide management with decision-making information and reporting at the project-level aligned with Federal expectations. Contracts management was a theme of many sessions this year and Jamie and Rachelle brought a unique focus to their session - with a deep dive into the details.

Bots, Friends or Foes? Test Automation in Costpoint!  Kevin Brandt, principal with our business information systems group, and Tom Preston from Booz Allen Hamilton, discussed how business system process automation is the wave of the present and the future! This presentation touched on how we used tools to automate Costpoint testing for both new and existing functionality. The future is officially now! The early-morning session was lively, with active demos, practical questions and lots of audience participation.


As a Deltek strategic partner for 16 years, Baker Tilly brings an integrated team of enterprise business system consultants and government contractor advisory professionals who leverage their deep knowledge of your industry to apply creative solutions to help you meet your business goals.

Our team of more than 100 business consultants and government contractor subject matter experts are dedicated to staying informed of the dynamic needs of organizations doing business with the federal government in order to deliver exceptional client service.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the topics Baker Tilly covered at Deltek Insight, please contact us.

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