Fed Talks: CMMC: A Primer and What We Know So Far

Fed Talks is a series of audio episodes featuring current issues in government contracting, offering thoughtful, bite-sized insights with rotating guests from inside and outside Baker Tilly.

On this episode of Fed Talks, we discuss the Department of Defense’s new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) with subject matter specialist David Ross, a principal leading Baker Tilly’s Cybersecurity and Privacy Practice.  Questions addressed include

  • What is CMMC and what is the government’s overall goal in introducing this new standard? 
  • What are the different levels of CMMC and which level should contractors look to achieve within the framework? 
  • What do we know right now about CMMC, and what is yet to be determined before CMMC is rolled out?

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About the Host

Derek Boyd, CPA, Director

Derek consults with numerous government contractors to design and build compliant cost accounting and business systems in accordance with FAR, CAS, and DFARS requirements and industry best practices. Derek has supported contractors in both a consultative and internal capacity for over a dozen years, working directly with contractors and their government stakeholders.

About the Guest

David Ross, Principal

With more than 20 years of experience in information security and data privacy, David Ross leads Baker Tilly’s cybersecurity and privacy practice. His expertise includes cyber and privacy strategic insight, CMMC compliance, cybersecurity service design and engagement leadership. His industry experience includes overseeing cyber risk functions including serving as general manager of General Dynamics Commercial Cyber Services division, where he  was not only responsible for the design of the business, but also the launch and management of the new commercial organization.


About the Producer

Andrew Graziano, Senior Consultant

Andrew has been with Baker Tilly for over 2 years and has spent that time working with government contractors on a wide variety of compliance matters.  In particular, Andrew has experience with incurred cost proposals, indirect rate modeling, price proposal preparation, cost impact analysis, and commercial sales practice disclosures. In his spare time, he produces and edits this Fed Talks podcast.

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