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Not your normal business systems webinar: three (of six) audits attached to DCAA compliance

Baker Tilly Government Contractor Advisory Services Partner Noah Leiden teamed up with Deltek to present the “Not Your Normal Business Systems Webinar: Three (of Six) Audits Attached to DCAA Compliance”.

Webinar Recap:

The Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) is the compliance oversight agency for three of the six internal business system audits government contractors are likely to encounter – accounting, estimating and material management. Each system has its own definitions of expected internal controls and what is “acceptable”.

Because these systems do not operate within their own silos, this expert review took a look at the interactions and dependencies between these and other systems, and how audit findings may be impacted. Bottom line is, when the DCAA audits one system, they are also considering the effect on other business systems as well.

Noah Leiden