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Incentives Advisory

Every year, federal, state and city governments across the United States invest over $170 billion of incentive funding into private businesses. Taking advantage of available incentives programs can fill financing gaps and turn planned projects into a reality.

Incentives Advisory

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    Mark Aitchison

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    Brad E. Elmer

    Managing Director

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    Tracey Nguyen

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    Nate Voss

    Senior Managing Director

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You only get one opportunity to make your case for incentives. Using a strategic approach positions your project for the most favorable award and provides an advantage in the marketplace.

As a business grows, there are critical decisions that impact the direction leadership takes to achieve their goals.  Increasing headcount, expanding an existing location and developing a new facility are just a few considerations to define growth for a company.  What organizations may not realize is the economic impact growth projects have which in turn, makes them attractive for available incentives.

Taking a comprehensive view of incentive opportunities can provide value in both the short term and long term. Often times, these incentive packages are a crucial piece to a funding structure for the project to be completed.

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Case Study

Baker Tilly helps Pallidus secure incentives for new manufacturing facility in South Carolina

Pallidus Inc., a leading manufacturer of silicone-carbide semiconductor wafers, engaged Baker Tilly to assistance in securing state and local incentives for a new manufacturing facility in Rock Hill, South Carolina.