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Data strategy

Data strategy – where and how to get started

In today’s digital environment, the importance of data is greater than ever before and it is critical that organizations are utilizing their data to make informed decisions, in real-time. To improve the quality and frequency of the insights gleaned from your organization’s data, it’s important to understand how to manage your data. With the abundance of data sources today – ERP data, CRM data, HR data, external data, etc. - how do you determine where to focus with all of this valuable info?

Leveraging your data goes beyond implementing tools. It is a journey your organization will take to understand what is important to measure and how you use that information to drive improve decision making. Data maturity and organizational transformation go hand in hand; an organization that gets better at harnessing data will see transformation in its people, processes and overall business results. Creating a strategy around your data can be overwhelming and often, the hardest part is identifying where to start.

Data analytics strategy model

With our proven strategy model and extensive experience, we’ll help your organization determine where to start, identify gaps and evaluate your data maturity level. We know time and resources are precious. Baker Tilly’s data strategy canvas workshop is designed to outline a real, tactical plan for your organization in just one day’s time. You’ll leave the session with a tailored, one page data strategy canvas that summarizes your organization’s strengths and weaknesses within your data solutions and the opportunities that would offer the biggest impact.

Data analytics journey: where to start

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Data analytics journey: How do you know when you reach peak maturity?

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