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You wouldn’t climb a mountain without a clear plan … so why take the same risk with your digital transformation? It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the technology options and digital initiatives that your organization could pursue. Conquering that mountain doesn’t have to be so daunting. Baker Tilly Digital’s Pathfinder can help you identify, prioritize and activate your digital transformation regardless of where you are in your journey. Key benefits include:

  • Alignment of key stakeholders and leadership
  • Clear scope of existing challenges
  • Prioritization of which transformation solutions to pursue
  • Privilege of focus to drive towards your organization’s goals

Baker Tilly Digital Pathfinder

Moving forward with digital transformation initiatives is imperative in our digitally focused world, but true digital transformation can be hard and expensive, with more than 70% of digital transformation efforts ending up in failure.

With so many technologies, applications and services available, it is even harder to decide which path to pursue to provide the most value for your organization.

Through years of experience, Baker Tilly Digital has created a framework – Baker Tilly Digital Pathfinder –  to help companies logically think through their digital transformation journey.

We help clients understand the process from initial ideation and creation of a digital vision, to how to clearly articulate value and define a road map, all the way through implementation and how to most effectively run and manage new and existing systems.

Baker Tilly Digital Pathfinder helps gain understanding of your most pressing technology transformation needs and ensure alignment of your organization's initiatives in order to define ideal future-state for your organization. From there, our team helps you uncover the digital initiatives you could pursue and then elevate the ones you actually should invest in.

Our Pathfinder process will help you determine a defined pipeline of focus and recommend next steps, no matter where you are in your digital transformation journey.

Pathfinder process

  • Understand |
  • Assemble |
  • Choose |
  • Gather |
  • Prepare |
  • Pilot |
  • Define

Understand the journey

As with any journey, there are many destinations and many paths you can take. Before you embark, you need to understand where you're going and what it takes to get there.

Our Discover lab helps you think through how to address and prioritize critical organization challenges, while our Explore lab allows you to get guided hands-on experience with some of the newest technologies available today.

Assemble your group

Success on any climb requires bringing together the right group and the right skills - those that share your sense of adventure and have the same goals.​

We help you bring together the right stakeholder representation from across your organization, ensuring broad alignment to the journey’s objectives.​

Choose your mountain

There are various climbs to undertake, all with different challenges and routes, meaning you need to decide which mountain you plan to scale.

We work with you to create your vision – be clear on what you are trying to achieve, the value it will deliver and set clear criteria for success. ​

Gather your gear

Preparation is key to a successful climb. Take inventory of the gear you already have and what state it’s in.

Before defining your future state, you need a baseline of where you are and what you have today. Our team analyzes your organization's current state across multiple dimensions.

Prepare your backpack

Ensure you have everything you need to set yourself up for success. Once you have identified what you already have, you need to determine what's missing or what needs replacing.​

When it's time to look forward, our team works with you to define the optimal future state based on where you are looking to go and what you are looking to achieve.

Pilot your gear

Before you begin your climb, you may want to test out your new gear in a safe space to gain confidence before putting it to use on the mountain.​

Before you embark on your chosen journey, you may want to try some smaller scale changes – our Foundry process focuses on delivering rapid prototypes and proof-of-concepts, allowing you to test in a safe environment.​

Define your route

As you leave to conquer your chosen mountain, plot your optimal route. Ensure success by mapping out each step of the journey.

The outputs of Pathfinder culminate in a clearly defined and easy to navigate road map – designed to optimize the success of the journey you are about to embark on.

Pathfinder reduces the ambiguity associated with defining the right digital transformation journey for you, providing clarity and simplicity across seven clearly defined and easy to understand stages, each with their own modules designed to meet the needs of your specific transformation goals.

Pathfinder is designed to adapt to your requirements, allowing you to choose what you need based on where you are in your journey and your specific change objectives. The flexible nature of Pathfinder means that regardless of the size of your transformation initiative – from full end-to-end strategic shifts to specific target areas – Pathfinder can help you conquer your mountain.

Whether you’re just beginning your journey and don’t know where to start or you’re contemplating which mountain to conquer next, Baker Tilly Digital Pathfinder can help you determine the best next steps for your organization. Contact us to learn more about our Baker Tilly Digital Discover Lab, Explore Lab and Pathfinder Preparation Sessions and schedule yours today.