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Business intelligence with visualization for distributors

Finding the opportunities and potential for efficiency, cost savings and growth can be a challenge for many distributors.

At Baker Tilly, we have designed a comprehensive service that will pull through all of the data barriers and find the right measures that align to your business plan and bring them forward through a process called Business Intelligence Solutions. By using best-in-class software, we will create with you a visual analytic dashboard and interactive financial statement which is fully customized for your company.

Through our team our industry experts, we know the pressures you are facing at all levels of the chain. From multiple suppliers with their unique data requirements, growing retailer demands and changing consumer habits, we have advised on it all. We understand the challenges you’re facing and know what it takes to get you to the next level.

Business Intelligence with visualization will start your business down the path to using your data in the right way. As you can see with this dashboard, we pull in multiple sources to get you the answers you need. 

  • Which customers and products have the highest contribution margin? 
  • Is your inventory forecasting accurate with all suppliers? 
  • What is my total gross profit and gross profit by supplier and retail chain? 
  • Which geographies can I best serve my customers from my current locations? 
  • How many SKUs by supplier and how are they performing? 
  • Which customers are causing a strain on payment and collection?

This process takes you from data collection and running reports to true analysis and action. We know you want to make more money and sell more profitable products and grow market share. This solution will take you to the next level and beyond. Getting out in front of the data and using it to grow your business instead of looking in the rear view mirror is a must. At Baker Tilly, we help pull all of your cross-department data into one business intelligence solution.

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