Application services

Application Services

Introducing innovative applications and services into uncharted territory opens you up to  opportunity — and risk. We help you successfully blaze the trail.

Companies large and small want to get the maximum value out of their digital transformation. Application services is a key driver of growth and efficiencies in all your operations. Baker Tilly Digital’s experience enables us to envision and create tailored solutions that enhance customer engagement and refine your operational efficiency.

    Application services

    You’re always looking for ways to set yourself apart from your competitors. Today’s applications utilize an array of services to drive innovation and give you new advantages. Our significant application design experience enables us to envision and create the differentiating solutions you need.

    Baker Tilly Digital can help you strategically link your application management needs to the business capabilities required. From there, we identify the business case, develop the road map and organizational design and conduct automated testing.

    We’ll guide your modernization and migrate existing applications to the cloud.

    As the systems integrator (SI), we help our clients to envision, implement and adopt an application or product. We do this through product-enabled business architecture design, technical solution architecture, prototyping, configuration, user acceptance testing (UAT), deployment, integration, conversion, reporting and security. Our team will support you throughout the process to ensure a successful transition, including program and change management services.

    We’ll help you envision, design, build and deploy scalable, cloud-native, integrated applications.

    Contact us and we’ll bring clarity to your application service needs.

    Our technology alliances


    Baker Tilly Digital and Amazon Web Services (AWS) work together to enhance the strategic approach and technical solutions that support clients through their digital transformation journey. Together, they provide a complete cloud services and management portfolio that gives enterprise clients fast, flexible access to the cloud.


    Baker Tilly Digital and Microsoft come together to understand a company’s goals and provide it with strategic insights along its digital transformation. Microsoft’s cloud computing platform provides businesses with the tools to gain actionable insights from their data.

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    How we’re helping businesses like yours with application development.

    SKYGEN USA engages in a strategic cloud assessment with Baker Tilly Digital

    SKYGEN USA had a mixture of on premise and cloud-based infrastructure with applications that required modernization to support their business growth. Baker Tilly Digital assessed the viability of moving its core applications to a cloud-based infrastructure and IT operating model.