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Digital Strategy

Digital transformation is so much more than just implementing the latest technology. See your big picture, understand your “why” and chart a course for success.

Digital Strategy

  1. Ann E. Blakely

    Ann E. Blakely

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    Managing Principal, Innovation, Solutions and Corporate Development

Understand how a cultivated and tactical digital plan enables your goals and better prepares you for digital transformation. Our digital strategy consulting team is here to help guide your team with a structured approach to enable organizational change, streamline operations and drive greater return from achieving your transformation goals.

    Successful digital transformation unlocks innovation and new business results for your organization. Ensure a solid foundation and understand the organizational impacts to your people, processes and technologies by undergoing one or more of our digital transformation assessments:

    • Digital strategy assessment
    • Software evaluation
    • IT assessment
    • Data assessment
    • Organizational readiness assessment
    • Operating model assessment
    • Process assessment
    • AI readiness assessment

    Organizations regularly need to revisit their strategies to transform their operations and stay on top of a progressively competitive digital landscape. Identifying the path forward can be a daunting task, especially with the overwhelming number of options available today.

    Envision your future

    Lean in to define opportunities for growth, address business pressures and better enable the operations of your business. Defining your digital strategy development plan is a critical early step to understand desired capabilities to be able to deliver upon your strategic vision.

    Build a road map, principles and structure

    Construct a tailored road map to help navigate your digital transformation journey and execute on your strategy. Simultaneously balance the need for short term progress with long-term investments to enable success.

    A holistic strategy and custom road map prioritizes digital transformation for the whole organization by:

    • Developing customer-centric strategies that drive innovative solutions, business practices and strategies to support sustained growth
    • Understanding the core capabilities needed to make digital transformation a long-term success
    • Staying grounded against core business objectives and not getting lost in the technology
    • Identifying key complexities and risks your organization will need to navigate
    • Reducing program risk, facilitating organizational change and optimizing business outcomes from the transformation

    Thoughtful program design and project management are critical for driving a multitude of necessary initiatives, from technology delivery to user experience design. We help you develop a program that brings together these disciplines and effectively govern the program for success.

    We start by assessing your current program and project management capabilities, including auditing the quality of in-progress projects, before establishing a customized approach, to both monitor progress and measure value delivered, necessary for complex enterprise transformation programs. Throughout execution, we work with you to refine your existing processes, simplify how work will be performed in the future and enact change.

    Design a customized approach that will enable successful execution and long-term value realization. Key benefits from program design and execution services:

    • Establish clearly defined roles and responsibilities
    • Build interaction model for key stakeholders within the program governance
    • Create program infrastructure, including tools, templates and operating protocols
    • Encourage active engagement throughout the journey to refine how the transformation program can best support the company's goals and objectives

    Is it time for a project health check?

    Our project governance assessment can help mitigate the inherent risks that come along with large, complex business transformation initiatives that can threaten the successful completion of projects and business goals. Our services conduct an unbiased health check across hundreds of transformation best practices to enable visibility and transparency into your program challenges.

    Our proprietary transformation program assessment health check incorporates key findings related to seven key program delivery categories, which we use to develop actionable recommendations. The categories are:

    1. Governance
    2. Portfolio definition
    3. Prioritization and pipeline management
    4. Resource management
    5. Project scope, approach and execution
    6. Value realization
    7. Organizational change readiness and leadership engagement

    Assessment outputs:

    • Key themes/insights: Summary of key themes/insights based on stakeholder interviews
    • Assessment evaluation: Evaluation of program/performance health against a set of established criteria determined at the outset of the engagement
    • Action recommendations: Summary of suggested actions to enhance program/project health and success

    Identifying how digital transformation changes may impact a business can be complex and cumbersome. Baker Tilly will design and implement a comprehensive organizational readiness program to drive value realization and align your company for sustainable success.

    Our approach assesses the scope and business impact, while building a tailored change management plan to help our clients achieve a successful transition. We begin by aligning on a common vision, assessing the company’s readiness for change and evaluating impacts by stakeholder group, specifically focusing on:

    • What is changing (people/process/technology)
    • Who is impacted by the change
    • Where the change impacts stakeholders’ jobs
    • How to lead impacted audiences on the journey to their new future

    Our comprehensive approach is adapted for each company based on the insights gained, their needs, project drivers and industry best practices. Business readiness doesn't stop at go-live; we create mechanisms to sustain the change and drive value over time. Each lever in our toolkit includes a set of integrated activities and deliverables that can assist with process, technology and operating model changes required to realize the long-term value sought through digital transformation.

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