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Indirect Spend Management with Dynamic Procurement

Achieve a new standard of savings in the sourcing and purchasing processes of your indirect materials.

Reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) of your maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) by employing data informed decisions on preferred supplier pricing, item-level master discipline and industry-leading systems.​ 

    Drive optimization with Dynamic Procurement

    Baker Tilly strategic alliance: DSSI

    Given the rapidly changing supply chain landscape, many manufacturers rarely have complete visibility and full control over their indirect material expenditures. In order to ensure costs are competitive within the market, many manufacturers need assistance determining how they can reduce their indirect materials costs to streamline operations and increase savings.

    Dynamic Procurement is a collaboration between Baker Tilly and DSSI, a leading procurement  services company focused on indirect materials and services, that provides a 360-degree view into your indirect spending categories.

    Powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI), Dynamic Procurement’s portal has cutting-edge analytics and reporting capabilities that can help you automate purchasing and spend optimization while providing a seamless transition into the development, execution and compliance of a managed procurement program.

    Inflation management with Dynamic Procurement

    Manufacturers are under increasing pressure to increase savings and enhance processes with fewer resources. With spend often fragmented among suppliers, site locations, business units and categories, identifying enterprise-wide savings is complex. Baker Tilly’s inflation management platform can help manufacturers gain visibility into their material costs and forecast the impact on end products and customers. This platform, along with recommended processes, can empower manufacturers to actively manage inflation.

    How we can help

    DSSI Dynamic Procurement

    While some organizations have invested to focus on maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) specifically (inside tip – most haven’t), the indirect materials and facility services category scope is so large and fragmented that it isn’t economically feasible for any one company to invest in the amount of people and systems needed to fully manage them.

    Through the combination of Baker Tilly’s leading advisory, analytics and technological capabilities, and DSSI’s purchasing and pricing processes, Dynamic Procurement can provide your company:

    Strategic implementation and execution

    From conceptualization, to program implementation and optimization – we are with you throughout your journey to provide an all-encompassing solution to streamline your supply chain.

    Increase your spend visibility

    Achieve data normalization and make better strategic buying decisions based on on-demand spend dashboards. Using advanced spend analytics, business intelligence and key performance indicator (KPI) reporting tools; enterprise level spend visibility is at your fingertips across all your locations.

    Standardize and reduce your AP and IT costs

    By setting a single payment term across all managed suppliers, payment settlement and taxation, manufacturers can experience improved cash flow and cost reductions for accounts payable and IT teams.

    Consolidate your vendors

    Bring your critical and preferred suppliers under one program by letting Dynamic Procurement handle the down stream work. We can quickly and seamlessly assess your current vendors, determine a road map for vendor consolidation and onboard new suppliers to allow you to focus on other areas of your business.

    Single PO across multiple suppliers

    Eliminate the need for users to identify the correct source and generate multiple purchase orders (POs) to specific suppliers. By establishing a single PO across multiple suppliers, you can create tighter internal financial controls.

    Easy online ordering

    Engage in managed content through a curated client current e-procurement system to provide harmonized pricing across all buying locations.

    Dynamic Procurement FAQ

    We have a short video to demonstrate the process for how to access the portal, and upload your data file. Once uploaded, our procurement specialist will review your savings information with you.

    We would need manufacturer name, item number, last paid purchase price and the frequency of purchase over the last year.

    Our solution does not outsource.  A managed procurement service like this is intended to extend the resources of your current procurement team by giving them an efficient way to find in one area what they use the most of. Although we have preferred suppliers and industry-leading e-procurement tools, our approach is both system and supplier-agnostic. This allows us to align with your company’s strategy and needs while also providing the tools, people and processes that create structure in indirect materials procurement.

    Our service model allows for centralized strategy with local execution. Our buyers are dedicated to customer sites and are there to help them buy what they need when they need it. If the site directs us to buy from a particular supplier or distributor, we have the ability to quickly set up new suppliers, process POs on behalf of the site and create the item master discipline that’s critical in obtaining full spend visibility, regardless of the source. Category managers also align with the site during the implementation phase to understand local service needs related to vendor managed ordering (VMO) programs, vending requirements or other services traditionally performed by the supplier. We only enhance this process by facilitating a “meeting of the minds” process in which the supplier and the site both document the need and sign off on it so performance can be measured alongside spend and savings results.

    Learn about DSSI

    Baker Tilly's collaboration with DSSI, a leading procurement services company, can show what savings are being left on the table.