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Baker Tilly Digital and Microsoft are working together to understand customer goals and provide strategic direction for digital transformation in a cloud-first world.

    Solutions for a rapidly changing digital world

    Making sense of the rapidly evolving digital landscape is a difficult challenge. As businesses seek to move to the cloud and modernize their technology, they often need assistance understanding how to apply the latest tools and technologies to their business in order to ensure long-term success.

    Baker Tilly Digital utilizes proven strategies and best practices to enable enhanced operational and analytical capabilities using the advanced and scalable Microsoft Azure platform.

    Fabric analyst in a day
    training workshop

    Fabric Analyst in a Day Workshop

    Fabric Analyst in a Day is an intermediate-level training designed for Power BI Data Analysts that are new to Microsoft Fabric. The goal is to help you understand how to consolidate your data into a single source of truth where you can analyze your data and generate meaningful insights.

    Strategic alliance

    Microsoft Solutions Partner

    Baker Tilly Digital is proud to be a Microsoft Partner in the following competencies:

    Microsoft solution partner logos

    Our in-depth technical knowledge and experience in the Microsoft Azure cloud, backed by our significant industry expertise, provides the skills needed to drive innovation in applications and business processes and to deliver actionable insights from data.

    Learn more about how Baker Tilly Digital and Microsoft technologies can help make your organization more efficient and effective while providing a competitive advantage over your peers.

    Microsoft Fabric hero
    New Microsoft offering

    Microsoft Fabric

    Microsoft Fabric brings all the Microsoft Azure tools into one platform that allows anyone inside your organization the appropriate tools needed to efficiently collect, process, analyze and visualize data without extensive technical knowledge. As a Fabric Partner, we are on a select list of partners that receive exclusive resources through Microsoft such as priority training, private previews of new features and updates, direct access to the product and engineering teams and more.

    Service offerings

    Baker Tilly Digital works closely with Microsoft to understand customers’ technology needs and to design optimal Azure-based solutions to elegantly address business demands. This allows companies to:

    • Plan future-proof technology solutions in a modern cloud
    • Scale services automatically to match demand
    • Accommodate high performance workloads
    • Provide advanced analytics for data-driven decision-making
    • Reduce ongoing support and maintenance effort
    • Utilize a solution-set optimized for effective cost management

    Though migrating current on-premises workloads to the cloud can seem daunting, Baker Tilly Digital simplifies the journey for our clients and helps them to achieve immediate success and business value.

    Key technologies we help companies deploy and adopt in the Microsoft Azure cloud include:

    Azure Databricks is a fast, scalable analytics platform that allows for transformation of data in the Data Lake using flexible languages such as Python, Scala, R and Spark SQL.

    Azure Data Lake provides low cost and highly accessible storage that scales to your needs securely in the Azure cloud. Organize, structure, and serve data to cloud compute capacity for further processing and to self-service users for further data exploration and analysis.

    Build automated data pipelines that ingest data from sources incrementally and then deposit into a preferred data repository. With Azure Data Factory, you can refresh data automatically by scheduling on a cadence that meets the needs of your business.

    Automate code and solution deployments via Microsoft’s fully integrated DevOps toolset, including robust integration with Git, Power BI and even Agile development project management.

    Utilize Event Hubs to ingest data from IoT devices or shop-floor monitoring systems and process the data in-flight, or store for later analysis.

    Azure Functions are serverless solutions to run code in lightweight cloud application use cases, such as developing a web API, responding to dataset changes or managing message queues.

    Build machine learning solutions to test data hypotheses and evaluate the impact of variables on correlations, including predicting behaviors and forecasting the potential results of business actions.

    SQL remains one of the world’s most popular data transformation languages and SQL Server one of the most heavily utilized database platforms in the world. The Azure platform as a service model for SQL provides serverless technology to reduce administrative overhead and to increase flexibility when scaling to meet data demands.

    Synapse brings together the best of the Azure analytics stack, consolidating the integrated analytics solution development experience for use in a modern development interface. Handle enterprise analytical solution development requirements with ease using the best of the Microsoft stack in one complete package.

    Power BI enables lightning-fast query capabilities across complex datasets. Build enhanced reports and data visualizations to provide actionable insights for your decision-makers. Deliver advanced analytics via integrated machine learning and AI algorithms from Microsoft that run directly in the Power BI cloud service. Contact us to help you advance your Power BI adoption journey today.