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Baker Tilly helps businesses ask bigger questions about their data, eliminate data silos, accelerate analytics and drive better decisions through Snowflake.

Organizations are experiencing explosive growth in the volume and variety of data they collect, analyze and use to make decisions.

A key challenge to realizing value from organizational data is the ability to quickly acquire, unify, explore, analyze and share data at scale. As such, it is becoming increasingly essential to leverage the power of the cloud to enhance data and analytics capabilities while minimizing time-to-value and cost.

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Baker Tilly is proud to be a Snowflake Select Partner. By harnessing the power of the Snowflake Data Cloud, Baker Tilly further enables optimal performance, security, shareability and near-infinite scale for our clients. Learn more about how we can help your organization leverage data in new and innovative ways with Snowflake.

Key capabilities of the Snowflake Data Cloud

Snowflake’s platform enables a wide variety of workloads and applications on any cloud, including data warehouses, data lakes, data pipelines, and data sharing as well as business intelligence, data science, and data analytics applications. Baker Tilly helps businesses harness the power of the Data Cloud to enable robust analytics.

Consolidate, store and centralize massive amounts of data generated across your business to perform efficient analytics and drive accurate decision making.

Enable secure and reliable access to all of your data with Snowflake. Harness the massive amounts of data coming from a variety of data sources to provide a single source of truth to make accurate data-driven business decisions.

Increase the efficiency and productivity of data engineering with Snowflake. All your data, no matter the format, can be ingested and securely centralized to increase the reliability of your data pipeline and simplify the maintenance required.

Create a competitive advantage by obtaining more varied data and accelerated data processing power that’s quickly accessible across your business.

Build, run and expand developing applications with Snowflake. With streamlined data pipelines, practically limitless scalability and concurrency and enhanced engineering efficiency, Snowflake makes developing data-heavy applications easier.

Optimize data sharing across your business with Snowflake. Eliminating data silos allows for smoother data collaboration while providing new insights to drive crucial business decisions.

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Understanding the cloud data warehouse

Baker Tilly explores the basics and complexities of cloud data warehouses, sharing insights on how they are being used today and their potential benefits and drawbacks as you consider whether a cloud data warehouse makes sense for your organization.