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Modeling data and the cloud warehouse framework

In part two of a two-part series, Baker Tilly Digital’s Turner Kunkel delves into the modeling and framework components that comprise cloud data warehouses. The first e-book in this series explores the basics and complexities of cloud data warehouses.

Virtually every aspect of business can be broken down into smaller and simpler building blocks. When it comes to a cloud data warehouse, which can be quite a complex subject, two of the primary building blocks are the modeling and the framework of the data warehouse. It is critical to understand not only what these components are, but how they work in a cloud solution and why they are important.

Modeling and framework are an integral part of developing the roadmap for the data warehouse and, in turn, the business as a whole. There are many toolsets to consider as your organization selects a model and framework that will ultimately lead you on a path to success.

Read more for comprehensive insights on modeling and framework – and the relationship between the two – as you consider whether a cloud data warehouse makes sense for your organization.

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