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  1. Ann E. Blakely

    Ann E. Blakely

    Managing Partner

Cloud is so much more than a destination – it gives you the power to reimagine, reinvent and transform your business in ways you never thought possible. Navigating your cloud journey is complex, we can help identify your path.

    Just moving workloads to the cloud doesn’t guarantee business value. A move to the cloud has to be executed in conjunction with a complete understanding of the impacts on innovation, operations, processes and people. A well designed and holistic cloud transformation strategy is critical to help your business build cloud capabilities and modern engineering practices. Our team dives deep into your business problems and desired outcomes to help you define and manage any cloud transformation program or custom cloud application.

    Our cloud acceleration framework helps you define the key steps and actions necessary to ensure your business achieves maximum value from the cloud, while remaining grounded to your strategy and vision.

    Cloud acceleration framework

    No matter where you are in your journey, we work to understand your vision to shape your cloud strategy. We focus on critical elements such as business value, adoption readiness, innovation acceleration, economics and security and risk, to ensure you have a road map for success.

    Our team of professionals engage with our clients to develop and implement cloud transformation strategies that shape, transform and operate their business in the cloud. By addressing the economic value, technology and people aspects of your cloud transformation journey, we help you define the right enterprise cloud strategies to ensure your company captures the intended ROI from your cloud investments.

    Our assessment model:

    • Discovers your company’s unique business requirements, determines your cloud capability maturity levels and understands your migration readiness

    Then, through our discovery and analysis framework:

    • We evaluate your current state, understand your operational needs and perform a gap analysis across technology

    Through these findings, we develop program architecture and implementation road maps that connect your business objectives to the best technical architecture to achieve your goals.

    Baker Tilly Digital believes in helping your team envision what is possible with the cloud. Realizing the potential can be challenging since assessments require several decision-makers who need to be aligned. To help fuel success, we combine team discovery and analysis of current processes, paired with design thinking, to identify opportunities for cloud optimization so your team can reimagine the future with the cloud.

    Our cloud visioning labs are workshops that bring your team together to focus on answering pertinent questions about your business in order to identify high impact, actionable next steps early in the strategic process.

    With cloud technologies, the best thing to do is experiment. By connecting the identified areas of opportunity to strategic business objectives, we help you prioritize and rapidly move into designs that will help accelerate and prove business value. Our approach helps our clients focus on one element of change to start testing projected benefits of moving to the cloud.

    It takes careful planning to identify processes and capabilities that scale. From simple migrations to full-scale adoption, our team ensures you are set up for future success through adoption of new cloud operating models, cost optimization and governance and cloud workforce strategies.

    With deep experience in cloud planning and adoption, we develop and implement cloud strategies that address the economic, operational and organizational impact from a cloud transformation journey. We focus on these eight key strategy pillars to help develop a multi-dimensional cloud strategy.

    Cloud value strategy
    Develop the cloud business value case to determine how cloud can be implemented and realized to deliver greater value to your business.

    Cloud architecture
    Infrastructure architecture that provides intelligent and seamless public and private cloud-based patterns that meet business requirements.

    Data driven enterprise strategy
    Develop a strategic planning framework for the delivery, utilization and management of data in cloud.

    Application strategy
    Conduct a cloud readiness assessment of existing application portfolio and develop the strategy to achieve transition where there is value.

    Security strategy
    Advise on best practices to support secure consumption of cloud services and solutions and adherence to governance, risk and compliance requirements.

    Cloud DevOps strategy
    Identifies impact on processes, continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) tool chain and interaction between cloud development and cloud operations teams as a result of cloud adoption.

    Cloud operating model
    Defines target mode of operations for an IT organization to function efficiently after transitioning to the cloud.

    Solution and service catalog strategy
    Helps companies refresh their IT service catalog to effectively meet business needs.

    Migrating to the cloud requires a team with skills and knowledge across multiple areas of cloud technology. Our team works with you to execute your cloud adoption strategy from migrating specific workloads to modernizing your cloud architecture and applications.

    No two cloud journeys are exactly the same. Utilizing the implementation road map designed through our assessment and strategy planning work, we can tailor an agile approach that allows your team to migrate applications more efficiently. We achieve this by carefully planning the migration, utilizing modern tools and best practices along the way.

    Cloud migration and modernization services include:

    • Cloud migration: We incorporate your business strategy into your migration plans so you understand the performance, organizational and financial impacts of the change and can maximize your investment in the cloud
    • Modern application architecture: We can help you revitalize your legacy infrastructure and systems to keep pace with market and consumer demands
    • Application modernization: We provide cloud engineering and advisory services to help you recalibrate applications that are important to your business, but need significant code changes to remove technical debt and are better suited to run on cloud-native environments

    Migration to the cloud is just the beginning – the cloud enables you to innovate and grow like never before. From new business models to predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities, cloud technologies can supercharge growth through rapid innovation.

    From rapid development of custom solutions and modernization of legacy systems, to advanced analytics and automation, Baker Tilly Digital can help you discover and realize the transformative power of cloud innovation and your growth potential.

    Our approach and experience will help your organization realize efficiencies and gain visibility into existing business processes, improve the user experience for both your workforce and your customers and ultimately achieve your business objectives.

    To accelerate the speed of innovation, we utilize rapid ideation techniques and experiment with advanced cloud technologies in real environments. Through rapid design and prototyping, we can help your business identify existing opportunities and how they connect to your strategic objectives to accelerate and augment the value of the cloud to your business.

    Contact us and we’ll bring clarity to your cloud technology needs.