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Business intelligence for the future of manufacturing

Manufacturing and distribution are industries of continuous motion. Each moment, a potential for efficiency, cost savings and growth.

Reports based on static, one-dimensional data, caught at a moment in time are the foundation of audit planning meetings. CFO’s and upper management struggle to get insight from real-time data.

Baker Tilly, a trusted resource in accounting, tax, and business advisory - rooted in strong analytics and technology, understands how the reports you need should be built for more efficient communication.

Baker Tilly’s analytics professionals help your executive and operational management teams focus on and prioritize the potential profit centers within your current business to create opportunities for more insightful decision-making. Business intelligence with visual analytics provides a seamless and constant understanding of information promoting transparency, timeliness and efficiency as it flows through your company.

Right now, could you answer which customers and products have the highest contribution margin? Are you sure?

Currently, do you know the cost for each SKU you have? Which shift is causing material variances? Can you verify that?

Do you know what your contribution margin by customer or product is? Which customers are causing a strain on payment and collection?

Using your existing data sources, we customize interactive analytics dashboards that allow you to view your data in a more useful way. Giving you more insight at a granular level . . . in real time to proactively respond to opportunities and challenges.

Do you know where you make your money? Let us help you find out.

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