Transform your organization with Sage Intacct

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    Susan Vincent

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    Ann E. Blakely

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Baker Tilly Digital provides companies with financial solutions that can scale with speed and flexibility, allowing you to focus more time on the strategic aspects of accounting and not the administrative ones.

Core modules of Sage Intacct

Accounts payable

Cut your accounts payable processing time by 65% or more annually by automating manual processes and eliminating inefficient workflows. Just point and click to configure approvals processes that work for your organization.

Accounts receivable

Get paid faster by automating your processes, emailing your invoices and offering more payment options. Slash client billing and accounts receivable processing time by 50%.

Cash management

Accelerate the close and speed up daily cash management activities with a complete view of your cash footprint and working capital.

General ledger

Transform your business strategy and processes with continuous accounting, consolidations and insights with the only general ledger (GL) powered by artificial intelligence. Don’t wait for the close to get the information you need.

Order management

Automate the order management cycle by streamlining your complex quote-to-cash processes with Sage Intacct. Easily manage inventory challenges, and pricing structures while you save time, improve accuracy and increase profitability.


Cut invoice-to-payment time by up to half and eliminate hundreds of hours of tedious data entry. Create structured, predefined transaction and purchase approval workflows that increase speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Baker Tilly Digital has always been a leader in performing complex implementations of Sage Intacct for customers, including customization and development using the Sage Intacct platform and APIs."
Aaron Harris, Chief Technology Officer, Sage