Seacoast Church success story: how to manage church funds

Seacoast Church success story: how to manage church funds

We're always proud of the work we do and the relationships we build with each and every one of our clients, but when we get feedback years down the road and get to hear how transformative Intacct and our implementation team have been, it's very special. Seacoast Church, a Baker Tilly Digital customer in the Carolinas, recently contributed to a story in Church Executive Magazine about how the multi-site church, with 12 physical locations and an online campus, needed a powerful accounting tool that could provide consistent financial reporting across locations and ministries.

For churches that are growing quickly, Seacoast's story shows that, with today's technology solutions from Baker Tilly Digital, there is light at the end of the tunnel; and it takes a measured approach to move to a new accounting platform the right way.

They understood the mechanics of church — and especially of finances — in a large-church setting.
Glenn Wood, Seacoast Church

Baker Tilly Digital has an accounting and ERP implementation team with direct experience previously working in church finance departments. We are dedicated to helping churches with faith-based, financial consulting and have helped hundreds of churches and not-for-profit organizations with their implementations. If you have any questions about how your church or not-for-profit can benefit from our products and services, please contact us.

We'd be happy to help optimize your church finances best practices.

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