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The oil and gas industry is complex and ever-changing. Baker Tilly helps revolutionize the “back-office” operations for entities and dominates the financial and accounting advisory space with predictive business insights and specialized tax consulting.

Oil & Gas

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In a complex and changing regulatory environment, our comprehensive team provides a variety of oil and gas solutions to help drive efficiency and create value.

    Services for today's challenges

    Through dedication and specialization in the oil and gas industry, our professionals understand the industry disruptions that face upstream and midstream companies. Our specialized audit professionals train and operate on a risk-based model relying on a close understanding of your business, oil and gas accounting, and internal controls. Our firm invests in technology to keep your audit at the forefront through data analytics, robotic process automation (RPA) and constantly evolving software.

    Whether your organization needs complex audit services, financial statement preparation, our specialized professionals have the skills and experience to provide the deliverables you need.

    We provide dependable, cost-effective solutions to reduce your overhead and effort spent managing day-to-day accounting tasks.

    We help oil and gas clients, through our oil and gas accounting services team, to realize cost savings through outsourcing, upgrading technology systems, minimizing tax liability, protecting assets and tightening internal controls.

    Advanced analytics and digital solutions professionals guide oil and gas companies along their digital transformation journey and optimal utilization of their data.

    Our goal is to understand the challenges you’re up against and what opportunities will benefit your business most to make you more efficient.

    For upstream and midstream companies, profitability is closely tied to the oil and gas industry’s unique tax situation. But, your organization may be missing out on tax benefits – or even vital investment capital – if you are not familiar with the intricacies of the industry’s tax incentives.

    Our accountants’ sophisticated tax expertise helps our clients take advantage of federal tax benefits – such as intangible drilling costs (IDC) tax deduction, percentage depletion deduction and the small producers tax exemption – while staying on top of variations in state taxation. We work closely with our clients to provide insights and answers that drive success, from choosing a tax-efficient entity structure to minimizing the tax liability created by a merger or acquisition.

    Recent regulatory changes have provided significant tax savings opportunities for the oil and gas industry, in addition to some changes that could negatively impact those who don’t plan ahead. It’s important to map a strategic tax plan now to capture tax savings and minimize the negative impacts of lost tax breaks.
    Wesley Middleton, Managing Partner, CPA