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During an evolving energy landscape, traditional oil and gas enterprises continue to be pivotal to both the U.S. and global economies. Our dedicated financial experts are deeply entrenched in the industry, offering a comprehensive suite of oil and gas accounting services.

Oil & Gas

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In the oil and gas industry, the landscape is ever-changing, requiring you to change with it.

Whether you explore, drill, trade, market petroleum or natural gas, your profitability is closely tied to the industry. Operational nuances and unique tax situations impact each oil and gas company and investor.

In a complex and changing regulatory environment, our team provides a variety of oil and gas accounting solutions to upstream, midstream and downstream companies to help drive efficiency and create value. Clients rely on us to manage bookkeeping and back-office processes, deliver complex audit services, recommend tax strategies and provide insights to drive success.

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Oil & gas solutions

Baker Tilly understands the life cycle of businesses in the oil and gas sector — from inception to growth to acquisition and maintenance. Our team can assist with all aspects of a company’s financial, tax and technology life cycle.

  • Upstream
  • Midstream
  • Field services

Upstream profitability is closely tied to the oil and gas industry's complex financial reporting and compliance, digital innovation and market volatility.

Baker Tilly can help you address your challenges, including:

  • Outsourced accounting: Our team helps build critical scale in managed services allowing your team to focus on your core business, not on processing and managing your payables, joint interest billing (JIB) statements or revenue distribution checks.
  • Digital solutions: By harnessing the power of your data, we improve business performance and profit, support growth, manage risk and strengthen your competitive advantage.
  • Risk management: Develop a comprehensive risk management program to secure operations amid business changes to help companies adjust to a cyclical market. Our industry specialist can help your business focus on the strategic landscape of the organization and its future.

Midstream companies are under increased pressure from capital constraints, a stressed supply chain and environmental concerns regarding emissions from core oil and gas operations.

Baker Tilly can help you optimize your operations through:

  • Baker Tilly advantage: We can aid your business with advisory services, bringing strategy, finance and technology together to create a deployable opportunity that reduces the delays and disruptions in the delivery of equipment and materials.
  • Supply chain strategy, planning and optimization: In the competitive marketplace, a strong supply chain strategy is essential to mitigate disruptions, delays and increased costs. Baker Tilly's strategic advisory services are tailored to optimize and fortify supply chains, ensuring resilience, driving value and enhancing competitiveness.
  • ESG: Developing a strategy to take action on your energy transition commitments by helping you stay ahead of regulatory changes, new technologies and subsidies taxes supporting decarbonization initiatives.

Oil and gas field services providers are faced with evolving cybersecurity threats, resource pressures and unique tax situations.

Baker Tilly can help you address these challenges by:

  • Cybersecurity: Review your organization's cyber defense protection to avoid a potential cybersecurity breach to help achieve measurable security enhancements and cybersecurity control improvements.
  • CFO advisory: Utilize advanced analytics and the transformation of financial and accounting functions to help owners, investors, CFOs and their teams meet evolving critical needs along their business life cycle.
  • Tax services: Our accountants are familiar with the intricacies of the industry’s tax incentives which allows our clients to take advantage of federal tax benefits while staying on top of variations in state taxation.

Why Baker Tilly?

We understand the oil and gas industry operates in a dynamic landscape where precision, efficiency and compliance are critical. Energy transformation, market volatility, and consumer demand are reshaping the industry. Baker Tilly remains committed to harvesting the benefits of change to enhance your business by focusing on digitalization and data-driven decision-making.

Industry expertise

Seasoned professionals with a broad range of services and skills


Grow or reduce services and staff to support your evolving needs

Efficiency and focus

Free yourself up to focus on managing assets, deals and operations

Best practices

Tested processes and systems ensure accuracy and standardization

We understand where our energy clients strengths are in the current environment and help them translate those strengths into growth. We focus on improving performance and optimizing return by working with clients in regards to finance, asset management and tax strategies.
Laura Edwards, Oil and gas industry practice leader

Our professionals

Baker Tilly’s team consists of professionals with sophisticated tax expertise, dedicated accounting and analytics and digital solutions experience within the oil and gas industry. With more than 35 years of experience, we help clients innovate to survive the never-ending changing economic conditions.