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In today’s economy, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to gain deeper insight into their business to maintain a competitive edge in the market. With Baker Tilly Digital’s SaaS Intelligence, businesses can gain the insights they need to make data-driven decisions and remain proactive. Learn about the seven benefits of Baker Tilly Digital’s SaaS Intelligence:

1. Equipped with reimagined analytics setup

SaaS Intelligence is a finely tuned intelligence engine that automates the generation of contextualized insights by managing and tracking discrete customer subscription activity. As transactions flow through Sage Intacct’s subledger, the application automatically analyzes, diagnoses and categorizes the associated activity within the context of overall customer engagement. It creates enriched and contextualized data that helps provide insights into growth and unit economic KPIs.

The application can be configured to meet your specific needs and it makes all its decisions based on subscription and customer context. It's aware of what's happening within a business’s customer base. It also detects outliers and brings those directly to users’ attention and enables the reconciliation of contracted annual recurring revenue (ARR) to recognize recurring revenue.

2. Uncovers impacts of customer behavior

SaaS Intelligence contextualizes subscription activity into over 30 categories of recurring revenue events. It tracks subscription data by entity, customer and product at a minimum. It enables companies to gain deeper insights into what is happening within their customer base, what products are affecting it and what the end results are on recurring revenue. SaaS Intelligence can track:

Baker Tilly Digital's SaaS Intelligence contextualized categories of recurring revenue

3. Delivers actionable insights

With the power of the SaaS Intelligence engine, the application can dissect information into granular buckets of categorization and track the recurring impact of each. Within an expansion, businesses can see several different varieties of expansion activities.

Not only are businesses able to track contextualized results, but they are able to track them down to the product and customer levels of analysis. The application enables companies to see things like customers that have increased their usage of a specific product.

4. Provides real-time financial data from Sage

In addition to the recurring revenue insights generated by the application, SaaS Intelligence leverages Sage’s robust general ledger to blend real-time GAAP financial data with the engine SaaS insights, to arm business leaders with the most reliable and accurate real-time metrics.

Because of the detailed insights generated by SaaS Intelligence, the application can produce more than 50 SaaS KPIs, including some of the most difficult to measure performance metrics. The solution includes more than 40 out-of-the-box reports with the flexibility to build and define the KPIs, reports and dashboards that best suit your business needs.

5. Grows with maturing businesses

SaaS Intelligence future-proofs businesses from having to switch reporting platforms as the business grows. It allows the user to look back at metric trends that may not have been previously available or may not have been a focal point of analysis for the business.

6. Provides automated insights

The SaaS Intelligence application enables finance teams to recover their time by shedding the role of data manager and elevating their efforts to focus on data analytics and strategic finance activities. Business leaders can self-service their reporting requests, so they can begin to focus on helping leaders interpret real-time business insights to determine where resources and investments should be deployed.

7. Demonstrates fundability to investors

SaaS Intelligence allows businesses to showcase their financial operations maturity and acumen to potential investors. They can articulate their company's story with quantifiable data points, expounding on the history of actions that were taken to mitigate business challenges, or capitalize on the momentum. They can provide trends and validate future growth potential and operational efficiencies based on data-driven insights.

Furthermore, businesses can avoid the anxiety of uncertain and unreliable data that can knock a deal off course during the due diligence phase. This can instill confidence not only in potential investors, but also in existing investors.

How Baker Tilly Digital can help

With macroeconomic headwinds facing the SaaS industry, it is important to utilize technology that helps improve business performance and attract investors. Contact us to learn more about how our SaaS Intelligence can help your business succeed.

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