Finance professional filing Form 1099s

Alleviate the hassle of submitting your Form 1099s every year with Baker Tilly Digital’s 1099 Automation and e-Filing tool.

Our 1099 Automation and e-Filing tool is a module that is custom-embedded within Sage Intacct. It integrates Sage Intacct and Tax1099, a separate service provider for 1099 filings and automation, to help reduce tedious tasks and automate the 1099 process.

1099 Automation and e-Filing features include:

1. Vendor 1099 review
Easily change the various 1099 details for multiple vendors at once, instead of having to update each vendor one by one. Send email requests for missing information that will funnel over to Tax1099. From there, users will be prompted to provide their address, email, etc. information to Tax1099 and it can be synchronized back to Sage Intacct.

2. Tax ID Number (TIN) lookup and validation
Accurately synchronize data between Sage Intacct and Tax1099. Look up within Sage Intacct which vendors or which tax ID numbers on the 1099 vendors list are not found within Tax1099.  Furthermore, the TINs can be validated against the IRS database to confirm that correct TIN are transmitted when filing 1099 returns.

3. Vendor synchronization
Vendor synchronization has four options:

  1. Update existing vendors in Tax1099 originating from Sage Intacct
  2. Create new vendors and update existing vendors in Tax1099
  3. Update vendors in Sage Intacct (vendors originate from Tax1099)
  4. Create new vendors and update existing vendors in Sage Intacct (vendors originate from Tax1099)

4. Transaction review
Look up payments made from a specific start date or for a specific vendor and easily make changes to the fields (1099 type, 1099 box, notes, etc). Make updates to multiple payments at once without needing to edit each individual bill.

6. Create a 1099 update file
Generate a 1099 AP import file in minutes by selecting the desired date range, all transactions or only the transactions for 1099. Take the results of the file and import to your vendor 1099 transaction updates.

7. 1099 filing page
Send your final numbers over to Tax1099 will then send the tax filing to the IRS.  Our 1099 Automation and e-Filing tool enables the synchronization of transaction balances with Tax1099.

8. Audit trail
View a detailed list of all the filings or all the submissions that were done from Sage Intacct into Tax1099.

It’s not too late to enhance your 1099 situation and make the process easier for the next tax year. Contact Baker Tilly Digital today to learn how we can assist you with your 1099 process.

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