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Family Wealth Insights

High-net-worth individuals, families and family offices often have complex assets managed by multiple advisors.

These disparate assets lead to difficulty in decision making when it comes to investment management and financial and tax planning. To solve this problem, Baker Tilly created our technology reporting solution, Family Wealth Insights powered by Addepar.

Explore the benefits of our solution

Personalized, protected financial dashboard

  • Aggregate every ownable asset, like art/car collections, stocks, alternative assets, for a complete, consolidated view of your net worth  
  • Instantly analyze and visualize your encrypted information anytime, anywhere via mobile or tablet 
  • Easily create custom reports in minutes and securely upload files 

Optimized workflows backed by real-time data

  • Align portfolios to targets with portfolio decisions  
  • Model asset allocations, including illiquid assets 

Integrated private wealth experience

  • Unified onboarding process 
  • Seamless collaboration between all of your advisors and you, equipping them with strategic information to suggest future solutions  
  • Access to Baker Tilly’s vast network of professionals
“At Baker Tilly, our advisors constantly ask “what if” and challenge themselves to suggest new, forward-thinking solutions. Family Wealth Insights is just that — an innovative, future-leaning solution — developed to help our clients enhance and protect their legacies.”
Duncan Campbell, Partner

Interested in taking your insights a step further?

Family Wealth Insights homogenizes data from various sources. The data can then be imported into general ledger accounting systems like QuickBooks, Sage Intacct and AgilLink. Sage Intacct and AgilLink’s compatibility with Addepar enhances the client experience further with direct data feeds. This seamless integration ensures accurate and timely transmission of data, maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your financial operations.

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Multi-generational family leverages Family Wealth Insights to gain real-time insights into investments, bill pay and more

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