Cloud-based financial management software

Organizations across the world have spent many years relying on Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP) for their accounting processes.

But over the next few years, support for the software will phase out. That leaves organizations with two options: Start planning the next step now or put it on the back burner — which might leave you scrambling once Dynamics GP reaches its end of life.

What’s a loyal customer to do? Microsoft offers Dynamics 365 Business Central and while it may seem like a good choice, it’s not necessarily the right move for everyone.

Business Central comes with myriad operational and supply chain features that small and midsize businesses may not need. But at the same time, it doesn’t have enough core financial tools to truly streamline and simplify accounting. You still must migrate all of your data and go through a long implementation phase. Before you begin, you also must meet a few prerequisites, including using a 2016 or later SQL server and ensuring your database has adequate compatibility.

Now, these tasks are not insurmountable, and Microsoft Business Central can be an excellent solution for many large enterprises. However, if your organization doesn't need that type of functionality and instead requires a solution built specifically for finance and accounting — including capabilities for multi-entity accounting and data visualizations — Sage Intacct likely has exactly what you’re looking for.

Susan Vincent
Managing Director
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