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1099 Automation & e-Filing

Simplify your annual 1099 filing with Baker Tilly Digital’s 1099 Automation & e-Filing tool

Are you looking to avoid the year-end, last-minute rush to finish your 1099 filing? Baker Tilly Digital’s 1099 Automation & e-Filing product is made just for you to save you and your team time. We provide users with ease of use and data accuracy to create, verify and simplify your e-Filing of your 1099 forms.

    What do I need to know about 1099s?

    There are many types of 1099s all of which come with specific instructions for filing. The most common type is the 1099-NEC, also referred to as the 1099-MISC, that impacts payments to vendors for different services performed by people not considered employees of the company or other kinds of miscellaneous payments. Two important things to consider when getting ready to file a 1099 are what vendors must receive and what is the cause for including a certain dollar amount paid or what types of services were used. As a general guideline on deciding who should receive a 1099-NEC, consider if it is not a business or corporation and if they are not an employee, then they should receive 1099-NEC.

    There are some exceptions that do not require a 1099-NEC, they include:

    • Service fees paid to people considered employees
    • Certain payments to corporations (legal services are different – those need to be reported)
    • Payments for goods, telephones, freight, storage and other similar services  
    • Rent payments to real estate agents – although, the real estate agent must report the rent to the property owner with their own 1099-NEC
    • Purchases made with a credit card – these payments will be reported to the IRS by the merchant card company in a unique form called a 1099-K  

    It's important to note that there are penalties that come with failing to file, incorrectly filing or filing late. We want to help avoid that and simplify the process for you. Here are things to consider when filing your 1099 this year or the next:

    • Any organization filing 10 or more returns or statements during 2023 will be required to file electronically in 2024
    • In this new digital world, the IRS is increasingly focused on electronically submitting 1099 forms, so consider using an electronic filing service to help save you time from printing and mailing forms. Baker Tilly Digital has a simple tool for you to use to get you started with automating this process.

    Interested in automating your 1099 process and saving your team time?

    Year-end close is always a busy time for the finance team. To help save time and improve efficiency, our 1099 Automation & e-Filing product is there to help you and your team avoid the year end crunch to clean up vendors, review your 1099 transactions and get your filing out the door. 

    Each year, we know how much time it takes to clean up all data in your 1099, make sure your vendors are set up correctly and review your transactional coding. Then worrying about getting a product like Tax1099.com set up and getting your data in there manually all before the filing deadline. With our 1099 Automation & e-Filing product, we help guide you through it and automate the process as much as possible to improve efficiency and save valuable time. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with 1099 filing.

    Functionality of 1099 Automation & e-Filing

    Data validation

    • Offering extensive 1099 reporting for easy review and updates of all transactions
    • Improved 1099 accuracy through automated TIN checks and identification of missing data
    • Makes sure all vendors with 1099 activity and are set up correctly

    Live integration

    • A live integration from Sage Intacct to Tax1099.com means you cut down on manual processes: no downloading CSV files from Sage Intacct and having to maneuver them into the correct formatting to upload to Tax1099.com
    • Cleaner data with real-time reporting meaning less room for error