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A new standard for not-for-profits: Tracking outputs and outcomes

How measuring the right KPIs for not-for-profits increases donations

The status quo is changing in the not-for-profit world and every not-for-profit, regardless of size, location or mission, needs to be prepared for a future that is data driven.

This e-book from Baker Tilly Digital will explore how and why not-for-profits are evolving, what it takes to remain relevant and how not-for-profit financial software can help. Our experience with diverse not-for-profits and within the industry has made us aware of an emerging trend that we believe needs attention, followed by planning and preparation.

In this e-book, you’ll read about important not-for-profit finance trends and topics including:

  • Outputs and outcomes – The pulse of performance
  • Are you overlooking under-performance?
  • Success: The most elusive metric of all
  • Measuring what matters - How to quantify not-for-profit outcomes
  • Putting outcome metrics into action with not-for-profit dashboards
  • Using technology for not-for-profit insights
  • A universal strategy to meet new not-for-profit standards
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