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A new standard for not-for-profits: Tracking outputs and outcomes

How measuring the right KPIs for not-for-profits increases donations

The status quo is changing for not-for-profits. Every not-for-profit, regardless of size, location or mission, needs to be prepared for a future that is data driven. Download our latest e-book to explore how and why not-for-profits are evolving, what it takes to achieve your mission, and how not-for-profit financial acumen can help.

Attention, planning and preparation, can bring financial reporting transparency, encourage giving and bring you closer to creating impact through your organization's purpose.

Discover how to:

  • Monitor the health of your organization
  • Watch for under-performance
  • Quantify not-for-profit outcomes
  • Create a metric-based action plan
  • Use dashboards for insights
  • Meet the new not-for-profit standards
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