Ministry Intelligence

Ministry Intelligence

Increase trust with visibility into your church metrics

Ministry Intelligence

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Automatically see the key performance indicators (KPIs) and insights that help you successfully deliver on your mission.

    Make decisions based on data

    Ministry Intelligence by Baker Tilly was developed based on extensive experience working with hundreds of growing churches like yours. If you're like many, your church is struggling without easy access to the church metrics that communicate the impact of your ministry to senior leadership.

    Every one of these churches was ready to ditch their Excel-based processes that lagged weeks behind, were manual, error prone and lacked the details needed to truly know where to focus donations, build a new church plant or seat a new pastor. With Ministry Intelligence from Baker Tilly, you'll get visual dashboards that highlight the KPIs and insights that help you successfully deliver on your mission.

    Who's it for?

    • Growing churches
    • Ministry organizations reliant on recurring giving

    Tell your ministry's story

    Get the contextual insights and visual dashboards to tell your ministry's story to leadership to inspire more engagement and enthusiasm.

    • Giving metrics
    • Fund metrics
    • Executive metrics
    • Multicampus metrics

    See fund-raising trends

    Easily analyze your church giving and fund-raising trends with the Giving Analysis and Recurring Giving dashboards. Ministry Intelligence visually displays the donation data that helps you see the overall health of giving this period and the trailing 12 months, giving you better understanding of church finances, including:

    • Total giving
    • First-time or continued giving
    • Average gift size
    • Giver retention rate
    • Monthly recurring giving
    • Top givers
    • Giving tiers breakdown
    • At-risk and lapsed giving

    Detailed fund-use breakdown

    Clearly demonstrate how your funds are being applied with the Fund Analysis dashboard. Ministry Intelligence automatically calculates and displays the fund data that helps you see the overall breakdown this period and the trailing 12 months, including:

    • Giving per fund vs. budget
    • Expenses per fund
    • Spend per fund vs. budget
    • Current year fund balances
    • Giving acceleration/deacceleration per fund
    • Net assets with and without donor restricts
    • Unrestricted and restricted giving this month

    Automated, granular insights

    Convey important Church metrics to leadership committees, pastors and congregations using the Executive dashboard. Ministry Intelligence aggregates and displays many of your key indicators of church impact, as well as financial and operational insights and 12-month lookback, including:

    • Recurring giving percentages
    • Giving over time
    • Operating cash available
    • Cash trends
    • Online giving
    • Program efficiency and expenditures
    • Key financial ratios

    Analyze by campus

    It's easy to see how each of your campuses is doing using the Multicampus Dashboard in Ministry Intelligence. You'll get current month data as well as trending over time for metrics such as:

    • Attendance by campus
    • Giving by campus
    • Expenses by campus
    • Giver acquisition costs by campus