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Deploying accounting software with Baker Tilly, ServiceTitan and Sage Intacct

Growing HVAC, plumbing and other home services companies face unique challenges. Some of these challenges include outgrowing accounting software, limited visibility in the back office and outdated processes. These challenges can make it difficult to capitalize on growth opportunities. That’s why it’s more important than ever to invest in technology that matches the maturity of your organization to achieve continued growth.

ServiceTitan is the software of choice for companies in the home services industry. It provides all-in-one functionality on a cloud-based platform, enabling businesses to streamline their operations and simplify processes. Baker Tilly is ServiceTitan’s preferred provider for the implementation of Sage Intacct. Sage Intacct provides cloud financial management software and is ideal for home service providers because it provides dimensional capabilities that allow them to track financial performance over various locations, crews and more.

Benefits of the Home Services Module

Baker Tilly has developed our Home Services Module to drive increased productivity and address the needs of companies with a ServiceTitan and Sage Intacct integration. With both solutions integrated, Baker Tilly’s Home Services Module helps home services connect their front and back offices without barriers, accelerating growth.

Enhance deposits and bank reconciliations

Baker Tilly’s Home Services Module automates matching and deposit of individual payment transactions from the integration, including refunds and leveraging ServiceTitan batch details. The deposit process enables customers to have a seamless bank reconciliation process.

Automate refunds

Baker Tilly’s Home Services Module provides an automated approach for all refunds. Credit card-processed refunds no longer require a journal entry or manual payment and are processed through the deposits page. When a non-credit card refund is sent from ServiceTitan to Sage Intacct, the application auto-creates a vendor based on the customer’s contact record and auto-creates the refund as an AP bill.

Simplify reconciling subledgers to the general ledger

Baker Tilly’s Reconciliation Manager allows you to streamline reconciling accounts payable and accounts receivable subledgers to the general ledger. It will show the subledger to the general ledger side by side with the capability of pinpointing transactions making up any variance. It can be run at a monthly summary level or customer/vendor level.

Improve inventory adjustments with average costing

ServiceTitan supports the standard costing method, while Sage Intacct provides an additional option to use the average costing method. Currently, inventory adjustment (increases) export to Sage Intacct from ServiceTitan with the standard cost. With our average costing tool, inventory adjustment increases will automatically read the average cost by item and warehouse and update the inventory adjustment increase transaction as it comes from ServiceTitan.

Although utilizing Sage Intacct and ServiceTitan individually can enhance business processes, integrating them will elevate your business technology to the next level.

My journey working alongside Baker Tilly, formerly AcctTwo, began in 2016 as the CFO involved in the first ServiceTitan/Intacct integration and implementation. Baker Tilly enabled our businesses to successfully navigate the many challenges of migrating to new software while running hard at growth. Many, many engagements later … as ServiceTitan’s preferred and most experienced Intacct integration partner, Baker Tilly continues to lead customers through successful ServiceTitan/Intacct implementations. From the first engagement in my businesses, I have greatly enjoyed the Baker Tilly professional teams and greatly admired their skills as applied to all kinds of challenges we have encountered along the way!”
Dr. Jamie Johns, CPA, CGMA, CICA, Senior Director, Customer Experience Finance and Accounting at ServiceTitan

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Baker Tilly is ServiceTitan’s preferred provider of Sage Intacct and is a ServiceTitan Certified Accounting Provider. Baker Tilly has also been named Sage Intacct Partner of the Year since 2014.

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