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Five benefits of switching from Quickbooks to Sage Intacct

Every business owner knows that a key part of running a thriving business is keeping your finances in check, which makes choosing the right accounting and financial management system extremely important. Often companies wait too long to make the switch and end up with an unstable system for their needs. Sage Intacct and Quickbooks both offer great solutions that include accounting and financing features like income and expense tracking, invoice and payment management, tracking mileage and receipts, measuring time and visualizing cash flows, but there are distinct differences between the two programs that might make Sage a better choice for your expanding business.

1. Access to unlimited users for more collaboration

As your company grows, more people on your team will need access to your financial program. A limitation of Quickbooks for medium and large businesses is their maximum user amount. With Sage Intacct there is no limit for the number of users you can have on your account, which allows businesses to have multiple users that can access the accounting software simultaneously. Additionally, Sage Intacct allows collaboration between users, helping your larger accounting team to work seamlessly within the program.

2. Experience in various industry-specific services

Certain industries require unique accounting solutions. For instance,

  • Not-for-profit organizations need to manage donors, funds, gifts and track recruitment networks, all of which are not typically included in the standard accounting software program
  • Healthcare organizations need to manage inventory, quality control and production scheduling from suppliers
  • Home services companies need job-based accounting data, such as purchasing transactions, order entry and payroll, all in one place to better price future jobs

Sage Intacct has specific features set up to handle the differing needs found in various industries through its variety of packages designed to provide your business all of the features needed to effectively track your finances and beyond, and our team at Baker Tilly has the knowledge and skillset to help integrate Sage Intacct seamlessly into your businesses operations. Quickbooks offers different versions of its software to use its accounting features, including one for self-employed individuals, but doesn’t have industry specific features.  

3. A financial system that adapts with your business

All businesses experiences change over time as you expand your workforce and offerings. Quickbooks offers the right amount of flexibility for start-ups and newer businesses hoping to streamline their accounting processes. However, large scale businesses may find that it’s not adaptable enough given the system cannot handle the data; resulting in database corruption with debits and credits not balancing properly. Sage Intacct has a wide variety of solutions, designed so that you get exactly what your business needs without paying for extra services you don’t need. As your business expands and changes, we can adapt your Sage Intacct offering to better suit your new needs.  

4. Reduce regulatory concerns with compliance and certifications

Sage Intacct is the only financial management software endorsed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts (AICPA). Additionally, it is also GAAP-compliant which helps you follow regulatory requirements especially during an auditing process as well as HIPAA compliant when utilizing the advanced audit trail module. While Quickbooks is not GAAP compliant, that gives more flexibility in how it can organize and store information due to the lack of appropriate controls.  

5.  Customer support when you need it

Both Sage Intacct and Quickbooks offer a variety of ways to reach out for customer support including phone, email, live-chat, user community and help pages. In addition to that, there is an online Sage Intacct Community that you can access 24/7 to submit a support case, read blogs and training tools and search their help center for fixes to common issues and other troubleshooting solutions.

The support, customization and flexibility Sage offers when it comes to finance management systems makes it an easy choice for companies looking to have several employees on their financial platform, companies in industries with niche financial tracking needs and companies anticipating growth over time.

To be successful in the world of digital transformation, you need the right technology to help you thrive. Choosing the right financial management system is tough, but with Baker Tilly Digital’s vast experience with Sage Intacct we can help you find the right system that is best for your business. If you are interested in learning more about Sage Intacct and how Baker Tilly Digital can help, contact us.  

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