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This is the third post in our blog series about issues that matter to the home services CFO (and the investors who rely on them). Our last article explored how growth creates the need for smarter, more scalable software and why choosing solutions that integrate matters most. 

 In this post, we want to highlight two solutions that integrate seamlessly (thanks to a bridge built by Baker Tilly Digital) and illustrate what that means for users. As readers will see, putting the right field service management software in place is the prerequisite for everything else.

ServiceTitan + Sage Intacct at the forefront of field service software

Providing all-in-one functionality on a mobile, cloud-based platform, ServiceTitan brings home services into the digital era. Features handle scheduling, inventory, reporting, dispatch, marketing, and much more so that providers have a tool for everything, all integrated and available from anywhere. More than 7,500 companies and 100,000 technicians rely on ServiceTitan to streamline and synthesize operations like never before - to the great delight of customers.

Offering enterprise resource planning (ERP) with a strong emphasis on accounting and finance, Sage Intacct surpasses intro solutions like QuickBooks and others. This best-in-class service software offers dimensional accounting capabilities that are ideal for home services providers that need to track financial performance across different locations, services, crews or endless other variables. Growing companies benefit from an accounting solution like Sage Intacct that makes complex, cumbersome, and consequential accounting requirements simple to manage at scale.

Powerful independently, ServiceTitan and Sage Intacct truly excel through integration. There are countless places where accounting, finance, and service delivery intersect. With integration, data and workflows move smoothly through those touch-points. If home services software has two key software components – one for back office (Sage Intacct) the other for front office (ServiceTitan) – the logical move is to integrate them so that the entire company operates as one.

The advantages of integration

 Exciting things happen once a home services provider has integrated software in place and seamless operations from end to end:

  • Cloud orientation – Operating with a pair of cloud-based platforms makes data and tools available from anywhere, including in the field or from a home office.  
  • Process automation – Integration eliminates the need to manually move data from one system to the other. Data sharing happens automatically, saving massive amounts of time and protecting against errors.  
  • Added value – When service delivery and accounting work it concert it upgrades both, leading to more insightful and efficient accounting along with smarter, more cost-conscious service delivery.  
  • Extended visibility – Breaking down silos between data gives decision makers a full view of customers, vendors, and financial performance everywhere. Insight and understanding start with seeing everything in one place.  
  • Enhanced usability – Leaders on the service or accounting sides of the equation have access to more data without needing to request it or have specialized expertise to understand it.  
  • Room to grow – Companies have the means to scale, quickly and abundantly, once integrated software platforms provide the necessary room to grow along with the insights to keep growth on track.  

ServiceTitan and Baker Tilly Digital collaborated on this integration, ensuring a robust link between both. Implementing each solution is the first priority. Optimizing the integration is the second. Baker Tilly Digital knows this integration better than anyone – we even created custom modules (for deposits, refunds, invoice credits and more) to make the integration more impactful. Contact us to learn more about those modules, and explore what they can do in action.

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