Digital forward | A Baker Tilly Digital webinar series

Digital forward: A webinar series

Join us as we explore a variety of digital transformation topics and give insight into what your organization needs to know to succeed

Propel your business forward

Technology has increased customer expectations, catapulted productivity and unlocked the power of data analytics. But only implementing the latest technology isn’t going to give you the edge that sets you apart from competitors. Digital transformation is more than just utilizing the right technology – it’s about creating the right processes and empowering the right people to create a culture of innovation.

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Speaker: Ann Blakely - Managing Partner, Baker Tilly Digital

There is a deep-seated shift in the workplace. Resetting expectations and redrawing boundaries. This way of thinking is challenging organizational norms, defying conventional work schedules, creating ambiguity around job roles, and creating uneasiness among some leaders. But evolving organizations must advance their thinking to create an environment that fosters a renewed desire for a more meaningful experience.

In today’s fast-moving world, success now stems from the ability to evolve. To be agile, adaptive and resilient. Technology like AI and cloud are changing how we work, improving productivity and creating new paths to resilience. But just as essential to technology transformation, is elevating the skills of our workforce and fostering workplace flexibility, allowing new pathways to form for career growth. People are reclaiming personal and professional priorities, resulting in a reshaping of work. Watch the recording below to learn how transformational technology can enable your people to discover their strengths, sharpen their skills, deepen their knowledge, explore possibilities and soar to new professional heights.

Speakers: Amanda Klein – Principal, Baker Tilly Digital and Jessica Drexler – Experienced Manager, Baker Tilly Digital

Today’s complex and unpredictable environment necessitates that we learn to operate in a constant state of evolution and change. Preparing your organization to meet the opportunities presented by these changes can not only be an accelerator for growth, it can be the fuel that allows your organization to stand out from the crowd. Watch the recording below, where we share concepts and best practices for organizations looking to improve the success of the transformation initiatives by shifting from a passive mindset of simply managing change to a proactive approach where people are thoughtfully led along a transformation journey.

Speakers: Dave DuVarney – Principal, Baker Tilly Digital and Jordan Anderson – Director, Baker Tilly Digital

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the challenge of turning data from an afterthought into a core facet of business operations that drives value. Organizations can become paralyzed because they don’t know where to begin, but the right data strategy can change the mindset of a company from using data for incremental growth to using it as a transformational element in an organization’s success. Watch the recording below to learn how to unlock the value of your organization’s data and develop and implement a clear data strategy that allows for flexibility and change.

Speakers: Dave DuVarney – Principal, Baker Tilly Digital and Tom Puch – Senior Manager, Baker Tilly Digital

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are growing in popularity and importance in all industries, to drive efficiencies across teams, departments, systems and organizations. AI and ML can propel organizations by extracting data, identifying relationships, detecting anomalies and offering higher levels of automation to enhance your existing workforce. Automation can create transformative experiences for both your customers and employees. Watch the recording below for a discussion on the major impacts of implementing AI and ML in your organization. We will walk through the process of how you can start your own AI and ML journey and discuss real-life case studies where AI and ML has had a significant impact on data collection and decision-making.

Speakers: Dave DuVarney – Principal, Baker Tilly Digital and Mallory Thomas – Partner, Baker Tilly
June 7 | noon – 1 p.m. CDT

The increased regulatory, compliance and stakeholder pressures for ESG reporting is requiring organizations to produce accurate and complete ESG data. Increasingly, organizations are prioritizing the execution of ESG strategy and reporting, while also taking on digital transformation initiatives. Driving your digital transformation and ESG initiatives forward simultaneously can aid in the automation of processes to help aggregate and standardize your data, ultimately supporting the transparency, reporting, and long-term measurement of your ESG strategy, goals and impact to your bottom line.

Join us for a webinar June 7 to learn:

  • How to develop and execute your ESG data and reporting strategy
  • How to assess cloud solutions to support your ESG activities, while enhancing ESG data aggregation and reporting
  • Recommended ESG data governance best practices to avoid common data shortcoming and reporting pitfalls

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Speakers: Cindy Bratel – Principal, Baker Tilly Digital and Micheal Herman – Principal, Baker Tilly Digital
June 28 | noon – 1 p.m. CDT

In a world where the pace of change is constantly accelerating, businesses can’t stand still. In order to thrive in today’s landscape, you need to adapt and act. Balancing the existing shortcomings of legacy technology versus new investments can be a risky business strategy. Investing in technology advancements can be perceived as expensive — especially when legacy technology or processes work most of the time. But as organizations look to avoid disruption, the interest paid on carrying that technical debt can be more costly than simply investing in transformational technology.

Join us for a webinar June 28 to learn:

  • The cost of inaction
  • How to conduct a current state assessment
  • How to make the case for digital transformation
  • How to build a road map to get your organization started on its digital transformation journey

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