innovation culture

Innovation culture – how to create value and make innovation an essential part of your organization

People, process, technology and performance are the roots to creating an innovative culture, which is essential for organizational success.

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Innovation occurs when a company or organization does something new or different that creates value for customers, clients or constituents. To have an innovative mindset, organizations must recognize the need for continual change and be committed to supporting it through action.

In this on-demand webinar we discuss the guiding framework for successful innovation, which is rooted in the following:

  • People – Do your people understand what the organization is trying to do and their role in making innovation successful?
  • Process – Is the management process related to innovation synchronized with all the key outcomes?
  • Technology – Are you leaning into every element of technology and data management to enable effective strategy execution within your operations?
  • Performance – Are you paying attention to relevant performance metrics and adjusting the approaches and priorities as needed if goals are not reached?

Key objectives:

  • Develop a leadership plan to encourage an innovative mindset throughout the organization, so all employees feel free to have an innovative mindset
  • Recognize where your organization may be able to better utilize technology and data for more successful innovation
  • Analyze relevant performance metrics and adjust the approaches and priorities as needed to reach your organization's goals
Christine M. Smith
Managing Director
Claudio Garcia
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