Team meetings to discuss strategy in a conference room
Case Study

Credit union engages Baker Tilly to leverage and implement RPA technology

Team meetings to discuss strategy in a conference room
Case Study

Credit union engages Baker Tilly to leverage and implement RPA technology

Client background:

Our large credit union client provide trusted financial support and services to members across its geographic region, leveraging both in-person branch and online services.

Client business challenge:

Today’s digital economy drives intense competition, especially in the financial services industry where there are seemingly endless options for banking solutions. This created a critical need for our credit union client to stay competitive in the market, enhance internal operational efficiency and provide innovative services to their members. Achieving this was a challenge for the client due to numerous manual processes that required data management across multiple systems, complex data tracking/uploads and decentralized data storage.

To enhance their competitiveness and overall effectiveness, the client engaged Baker Tilly Digital to improve their operations ranging from monthly member reporting, to wire transfer reviews and processing, to OFAC checks, through the use of Robotics Process Automation (RPA) technology. The client understood the need to stay competitive and continue providing valuable service to their members, however, they were unsure when, how and where to adopt Intelligent Automation for support.

Strategy and solution

Baker Tilly Digital partnered with the client to assess their current state, identify challenges/pain points and process automation use case candidates through detailed ROI analysis. The Baker Tilly Digital team worked with the client to identify the appropriate RPA software vendor to meet their needs and to design and implement a unique solution that addressed their use cases. Throughout the entire process, Baker Tilly Digital aimed to transfer RPA knowledge to the credit union to accelerate their ability to tackle the future phases of their automation road maps.  

Our RPA implementation approach included:

  • Assessment of current state processes for RPA use case candidate identification
  • Detailed ROI modeling and prioritization of RPA use case candidates to support the selection of top, value-add use cases and the development of a long-term RPA road map
  • Selection of the RPA technology vendor that best fit the needs of the credit union
  • Collaborative design of the unique RPA solution to meet the credit union’s needs
  • Continuous business stakeholder engagement to obtain input and effectively communicate/manage the change each business unit would experience with RPA
  • Successful implementation of the selected RPA use cases to drive business results
  • Execution of an Automation Center of Excellence training to accelerate the credit union team’s ability to scale their automation efforts  

Baker Tilly Digital successfully led the client’s leaders through a structured process that resulted in the assessment, selection and implementation of attractive ROI use cases to leverage RPA technology. Overall the client achieved improvements in staff time and productivity, as well as increased process efficiencies and member satisfaction.  Throughout the process, Baker Tilly Digital equipped the client with the knowledge, processes and tools needed to accelerate through their Intelligent Automation journey.

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