Meeting at conference table with professionals conducting organizational readiness

Organizational Readiness

How your business gets from where it is today to where it needs to be tomorrow depends on your most valuable asset - your people. We help you prepare your business to transform through a dedicated focus on the people within your organization that will lead your digital transformation.

Building the foundation for digital transformation

True transformation happens when people are empowered to work purposely toward a common goal and are fully committed and accountable for its success. Yet the reality is that many initiatives evolve with little to no consideration for those most impacted, fueling the potential for disengagement and resistance from those required to support the change.

A better way to enact change is to create an environment that promotes innovation and collaboration while encompassing the human desire to belong and be part of something bigger.

Keeping people at the focal point

Our organizational readiness services provide key benefits to your business:

  • Ensures that the organization is foundationally prepared to implement change by bringing the right people to the conversation sooner for vision-setting
  • Establishes a shared vision that aligns to business priorities and builds confidence and understanding across the organization
  • Proactively identifies underlying risks and barriers known to impact change effectiveness
  • Enables adoption, proficiency and optimum utilization of the new process or solution while providing role clarity, defining performance expectations and addressing talent gaps
  • Provides a road map that supports the employees in the new environment to promote a sustained future and recognized ROI

Our A+ approach

Continual, iterative attention to people-centered operations

Baker Tilly Digital's A+ approach is the backbone of organizational readiness, guiding “people leading people” through an end-to-end transformation journey by establishing early buy-in and support, building understanding and desire and driving optimization through a continuous improvement mindset. It is designed to ensure those responsible for leading digital transformation consistently keep people at the focal point of change.

  • Introduction
  • Assess
  • Assemble
  • Activate
  • Advance

Our A+ approach

Regardless of the stage in the transformation journey, the four components work together to engage people at every level of the organization at the right time to promote awareness, foster commitment and forge the behaviors required to sustain change.

Step 1


Focused on assessing where people are at in their understanding and commitment at pivotal phases and adapting strategies to mitigate barriers as they develop.

Step 2


Focused on assembling the right team of key stakeholders and leaders to align the organization and business priorities to establish a shared vision and purpose.

Step 3


Focused on activating plans to promote speed of adoption, proficiency and optimum utilization.

Step 4


Focused on advancing the desired future state by providing a road map for the sustained value realization of the change.

Baker Tilly Digital is here to help

Baker Tilly Digital’s digital strategy expertise can help you understand how a cultivated and tactical digital plan enables your goals and better prepares you for digital transformation. Our digital strategy team is here to guide your team with a structured approach to enable organizational change, streamline operations and drive greater return from achieving your transformation goals.