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Sales, Marketing & Service

Customers have more choices, seem to be less loyal, and at times are only concerned with price and availability. Just working harder doesn’t generate the kind of growth that it may have in the past.

Sales, Marketing & Service

Executives understand that the marketing, sales and service functions support the growth of the organization.

While these areas are top of mind for them, they do not always fall within their expertise. Our consultants help companies evaluate those functions, identify/address the gaps across critical growth functions and provide solutions to sustain organic growth. 

Growth focus areas and areas that are top of mind to executives

Our solutions

To achieve and sustain organic growth requires an organization to continually reevaluate the sales, marketing and service functions by asking key questions like: “What markets should we sell into? What products and services should we offer? What kind of customer experience should we deliver to help us stand out?

How do we get more out of our sales organization? How do we leverage technology to help us drive more business? How do marketing and sales work better together? How do we support our customers throughout their relationship with us? How do we improve our ability to innovate around the right things?”

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MEMBERS Development Company (MDC) generates pipeline of ideas to improve efficiency, effectiveness and overall business growth

MEMBERS Development Company (MDC) is a thought leading research and development organization serving around 60 credit unions and financial service industry partners. Baker Tilly developed a unique and customized approach to meet MDC's goals.

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Case Study

Salesforce Service Cloud improves brand personality and customer experience for global leader, producer and marketer of concentrated phosphate and potash