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Program Design & Execution

Thoughtful program design is critical for driving the multitude of necessary initiatives to transform your business. We help you design a customized approach that will enable successful execution and long-term value realization.

Execute your complex enterprise transformation with greater ease

We know that digital transformation requires significant work, which is why we work with you to establish a program that is equipped to guide you through the process.

Our programs provide for the necessary agility, collaborative execution across functions and governance required to ensure focus and align investment. We assess your current program and project management capabilities to establish methods, control mechanisms and supporting execution and measurement capabilities necessary to effectively execute your digital transformation program.

A customizable approach that enables successful execution

Our program design and execution services provide key benefits to your business:

  • Clearly defined program and project charters, roles and responsibilities
  • Interaction model for key stakeholders within the program governance
  • Program infrastructure, including tools, templates and operating protocols that improve efficiency, allowing you to spend more time on the work itself (and less on governing)
  • Active engagement throughout the journey to refine how the transformation program can best support your company’s goals and objectives

Our approach

  • Introduction
  • Plan and design
  • Initiate and launch
  • Execute and govern
  • Measure and evaluate
  • Assess and adjust

We apply an iterative approach to establish, execute, govern and measure transformative programs of work while assessing and adjusting to your changing business priorities as appropriate.

Phase 1

Plan and design

Focused on translating prior strategic visioning and planning into actionable programs of work.

Phase 2

Initiate and launch

Focused on finalizing all launch prerequisites and investments/resourcing for initial work, as well as establishing governance operations and communications.

Phase 3

Execute and govern

Focused on the day-to-day operations of managing the program: understanding progress, controlling scope/change, managing program risk, providing decision support and administering resource allocation.

Phase 4

Measure and evaluate

Focused on reviewing the performance of individual work, as well as evaluating the key performance indicators employed and considering changes based upon the changing nature of the work and the operating environment.

Phase 5

Assess and adjust

Focused on making necessary adjustments to the program scope, structure, investment, operations, etc., based upon to-date performance.

Baker Tilly Digital is here to help

Successful program design and execution programs require both industry expertise and technology consulting capabilities to execute your complex enterprise transformation with ease.

Baker Tilly Digital’s digital strategy expertise can help you understand how a cultivated and tactical digital plan enables your goals and better prepares you for digital transformation. Our digital strategy team is here to guide your team with a structured approach to enable organizational change, streamline operations and drive greater return from achieving your transformation goals.