Life sciences compliance made easy

The dynamic and ever-changing nature of the life sciences industry requires organizational leaders to continually navigate evolving regulations while also facing the challenge of coordinating workflows across diverse departments, multiple stakeholders, and disparate systems. Envision a solution streamlining these processes, enabling your organization to adopt a more coordinated approach that simplifies these complexities.

Introducing complianceNOW®, a suite of technology-enabled life sciences compliance solutions that simplifies these tedious, repetitive tasks. Through the adoption of complianceNOW, organizational leaders can navigate their functional responsibilities with confidence, benefitting from embedded compliance and risk controls supported by the reputable brand of Baker Tilly, a leading advisory, tax and assurance firm. Alongside offering comprehensive advisory and managed services, complianceNOW empowers life sciences companies to enhance efficiency while upholding a robust compliance framework.

Discover the benefits of complianceNOW

Discover the benefits of complianceNOW, a technology-driven life sciences compliance solution suite by Baker Tilly, simplifying tasks, instilling confidence in leadership responsibilities, and enhancing efficiency with embedded controls, all within a robust compliance framework.

Efficiency enhancement

Streamlining and simplifying processes to alleviate the burden of mundane tasks across global stakeholders, allowing leaders to concentrate on more intricate nuances and strategic priorities.

Risk resilience

Establishing robust compliance and risk controls within your organization's processes and systems to establish effective safeguards.

Amplified by experience

Enhancing your interactions with our products and technology-driven advisory support grounded in profound healthcare expertise.

Scalable solutions

Incorporating a single product or the entire suite, all items seamlessly integrate into our centralized hub, crafted to scale with your organization.