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IPO Readiness

Helping organizations plan their path — whether it be through an initial public offering (IPO) or other path to going public — we help you navigate the risks and maximize the rewards in your journey.

Going public. It’s a massive, transformational effort with the potential to enhance value and create new growth opportunities for your company. It also brings with it the prospect of increased regulatory demands, public scrutiny, risk complexity and scalability challenges. How do you know you are ready for the journey?

    Our solutions

    Conducting an objective and thorough IPO readiness assessment early in your decision-making process can uncover unknown issues both inside and outside the organization. Readiness requires an understanding of and insight into your strategy, governance and risk, financial, operational, legal, technological, people, change management, risk management and other areas to successfully develop and manage your going public journey.

    IPO exploration and a readiness assessment includes roadmap development in preparation for an IPO:

    • Assessment of the organization’s overall preparedness including gap identification
    • Holistic review of operations
    • Identification of tasks with sequenced timing to support the IPO readiness objectives

    Pre-transaction readiness:

    • Internal controls identification and implementation
    • Technical accounting and financial reporting assistance
    • Development of accounting policies
    • Financial statement preparation and drafting disclosures
    • SEC matters (e.g., S-1 filing, S-4)

    Post transaction:

    • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) 404 compliance services
    • Internal controls in support of 302 certification
    • Technical accounting and financial reporting assistance as needed

    What it takes to be ready

    The landscape for going public — particularly with the meteoric rise of SPACs as an option — is dynamic, evolving and volatile, with highs and lows driven by economic, global, political and regulatory disruptions.

    Preparing to be a public company requires an entire organizational effort — an effort that is too often underestimated in its scope, scale and demands. Many start the journey only to quickly discover a critical lack of resources, infrastructure, expertise and time to go through the process and execute the work required to support the transaction properly. That uncertainty can put your opportunity at risk.

    IPO planning and timeline development

    Winding road leads to to the future

    An eight step checklist to an IPO

    Successful organizations going public will engage in the eight steps outlined in this checklist—from the initial phase of designing an IPO readiness roadmap through post-IPO filing and requirements.