Compliance Risk and Needs Assessment

Compliance Risk and Needs Assessment

Helping life sciences companies navigate the complex regulatory landscape to ensure they identify and mitigate existing risk, and prepare for risk lying around the corner.

Baker Tilly's life sciences advisory and support team delivers proven risk assessment methodology providing a comprehensive look at the current state of specific risk areas within an organization. Risk varies by company size, sector and complexity; as such, Baker Tilly customizes our approach to best suit each client ensuring all needs are identified and actions steps are appropriately prioritized.

    Our specialized professionals understand the regulatory environment and industry best practices for addressing them, enabling the business to do what they want to do, the right way.

    The life sciences industry is constantly being bombarded with new and evolving regulatory guidelines, laws and subsequent enforcement actions. Tactics and routine activities have become areas of extreme risk, which challenges companies’ aim to instill a culture of compliance within the organization.

    These risks come from all directions and affect internal functions including sales, marketing, medical affairs, research and development, operations, finance, etc. It can be hard to make sense of it and figure out where your company stands on the risk spectrum.