Why Baker Tilly is Different: A 360 degree perspective on the life sciences market

Why Baker Tilly is Different: A 360 degree perspective on the life sciences market

Baker Tilly's unique perspective is critical to its success. Its 360 degree perspective on the marketplace is the value that we bring to our life sciences companies.

We have deep expertise with regard to health plan experience, and we have deep expertise with regard to a provider experience. Healthcare consulting practice leader David Gregory has worked in acute care facilities, behavioral health facilities and also for a health plan. In addition, many of our team members have similar experiences.

Our differentiator is taking that 360 degree view of health plans and provider perspectives, bringing it to our life sciences clients and then educating them on how to communicate with their health plan and provider stakeholders.  We add value by teaching our clients exactly what the message should be and how it should be communicated.

Baker Tilly has a great team of diverse resources. We have staff ranging from former medical directors, physicians, CFOs, health economists and statisticians. As an example, Experienced Manager Christina Cool is an epidemiologist. The team is full of professionals with their MBA, PhD and MD. What makes our team so great is the diversity we have in helping our clients.

Given the extreme cost of randomized controlled trials in this environment, it's very difficult for developmental companies in the life sciences space to actually pursue what we affectionately refer to as an RCT or Randomized Clinical Trial.

To fill that vacuum and to accommodate cost in regard to the budget of our clients, we possess a lot of data that allows us to put together stories on a retrospective basis. We have six years of Medicare claims data that allows us again, to develop that story without necessarily having to go to a prospective randomized trial.

We also have comparable data on the commercial side that has economic, diagnostic and procedural information.

Lastly, we have quality information coming from both the commercial and the Medicare side to supplement the claims data. The real skill for Baker Tilly is optimizing that data in a way that helps bring to life the value proposition of our clients.

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