Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

Baker Tilly has a breadth of experience performing cybersecurity risk assessments to help align organizations' priorities and budgets within their unique threat landscape.

    Top-down risk assessment

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    Leaders in every size organization are being asked the tough questions: How secure are we? What is our risk? Are we compliant with the latest regulations? How do we measure our cybersecurity risk? Baker Tilly understands these challenges and will help you develop a proactive approach to security that protects the assets and the services that are most important to your organization.

    Our top-down, risk-based approach

    Baker Tilly’s robust, holistic cybersecurity assessment approach will help to strengthen your understanding of the organization’s cybersecurity posture and risk exposure, and provide actionable recommendations to remediate gaps in your cybersecurity program and enhance overall effectiveness of your cybersecurity safeguards. We will comprehensively examine your cybersecurity activities and infrastructure and advise the critical security control, process, technology and governance improvements needed to safeguard the confidentiality, availability and integrity of your data.

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    On-demand webinar

    Cybersecurity maturity – enhancing your organization’s cyber risk management posture and program

    Baker Tilly cyber specialists discuss how cybersecurity posture can be measured, and how you might determine what is appropriate and adequate for your organization.

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