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Navigating cybersecurity: A 360° perspective from NFP, Baker Tilly and the C-Suite

Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and it's essential for businesses to stay aware and protected.

At this roundtable webinar on cybersecurity, Baker Tilly risk advisory partner, Madhu Maganti, and NFP cyber practice leader, Courtney Maugé, discuss cybersecurity trends, best practices and deepen your understanding of risk management. Learn from real-world examples with Medical Research Consultants (MRC) CEO, Gretchen Watson, and discover ways to stay one step ahead to protect your sensitive data, assets and reputation.

Key learning objectives

After watching this roundtable webinar, participants will be able to:  

  • Understand key principles for a sustainable cybersecurity program:
    - Information security response plan, business response plan, cybersecurity plan
    - Education across the organization (C-suite, board and employees)
    - Insurance (risk transfer)
  • Identify cybersecurity and data privacy leading practices to better protect your organization
  • Prioritize cybersecurity budgets and resources on a risk-reduction and resiliency basis:
    - Purchase decision making
    - Should the vendors have insurance?
    - Insurance is expensive. Should I prioritize controls or insurance spend?

Connect with the speakers 

Madhu Maganti, CPA, CISA, M.S.
Partner, Risk Advisory

Courtney Maugé
Senior Vice President, NFP

Gretchen Watson
President and CEO, Medical Research Consultants (MRC)

Madhu Maganti
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