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BuzzHouse: How to protect your company from cyber threats

Baker Tilly's podcast series specifically for professionals in the multifamily housing industry

On this episode of the BuzzHouse, hosts Don Bernards and Garrick Gibson discuss cybersecurity concerns with Chris Hand, president and owner of ACC Management Group and Ken Zoline, senior manager with Baker Tilly’s cybersecurity and IT risk consulting practice. Chris and Ken share their experiences with cyberattacks and what they’ve done to protect against them. The group also discusses what companies can do to improve their cybersecurity measures.

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Special guest

Chris Hand is the president and owner of ACC Management Group. Chris provides leadership and oversight of all ACC Management Group operations. In the 12 years prior to ACC, Chris held the multiple positions of Director of Affordable Housing, Director of Business Development, and Executive Team member of a Wisconsin-based property management company.

Ken Zoline is a senior manager with Baker Tilly’s cybersecurity and IT risk consulting practice. Ken has 25 years of advisory experience in security and networking and four years of director-level experience developing and managing an information security and risk management program for SPSS Inc. Additionally he has security operations management experience working for IBM global technology services.

  1. Program: Develop, document, implement and maintain a comprehensive cybersecurity program.
  2. Ownership: Employ/contract a qualified individual or third-party who is charged to develop, implement, maintain and operate the cybersecurity program.
  3. Awareness: Rigorously address workforce security awareness on an ongoing basis.
  4. Vigilance: Identify and mitigate vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis.
  5. Oversight: Oversee the security arrangements of contracted service providers and business associates.
  6. Preparedness: Have documented and tested procedures for responding to (and recovering from) security incidents especially ransomware.
  7. Assurance: Hire an independent and well-qualified third-party to conduct a comprehensive cyber-security assessment on a recurring basis.
  8. Cyber risk: Identify and manage cyber risks that are the result of ineffective or missing cybersecurity practices.

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