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Our team works with utilities to address fiscal, risk and compliance, strategic and operational, HR and IT challenges. We make it our goal to help you confront these challenges and provide excellent service.

    We understand the utility industry is fast-paced, highly regulated and ever changing. Utilities must confront the complex challenges that collide with demands to provide quality constituent services and increase efficiency and effectiveness.

    We pride ourselves on proactive, responsive service to all types of utilities. We work with electric and water/wastewater utilities, investor-owned utilities, cooperatives, independent power producers, joint action agencies and public transportation entities. And, we see the critical link between being up-to-date on regulatory issues and strategic guidance. Our clients come to us for deep industry knowledge and stay with us for our commitment to client service.

    Inflation Reduction Act resource center

    Have you explored ways to maximize the Inflation Reduction Act credits for energy-related projects? Our IRA resource center helps companies understand the existing and new tax credits they can benefit from.

    GASB 87

    GASB 87 lease accounting evaluation tool

    If your organization has arrangements that need to be accounted for under GASB 87, it’s important to prepare now for implementation.


    Three signs your organization needs an operational review

    "Utilities across the nation continuously face increased regulatory pressures while pursuing a quest for unmatched customer service to their ratepayers.  We work with utilities to plan for success, mitigate risk and progressively pursue innovation."
    Aaron Worthman, Partner, CPA
    Aaron Worthman