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Utility University: accounting updates – new standards

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The Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) continues to issue statements and understanding these statements for future implementation and projects is important for those engaged in the financial management of governmental utilities. Baker Tilly’s Jodi Dobson presented the first portion of this session providing an overview of upcoming GASB standards through the lens of the governmental utility and highlighting GASB projects. Then, the webinar shifted focus to GASB 87, Leases, and Baker Tilly’s Bethany Ryers discussed the implementation process as well as some common questions from utilities.

View the recording or presentation to gain insight into the following:

  • Issued GASB standards that may impact attendees when implemented
  • Preparation for future standards
  • Current GASB projects
  • Requirements of GASB 87, accounting for leases
  • Actionable tips for implementation of the lease standard
  • Common questions or implementation hot topics for leases

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