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Municipal Advisory Services for Utilities

Baker Tilly has national experience in developing long-term financial projections, determining revenue requirements and developing rate structures for utilities.

Municipal Advisory Services for Utilities

Utilities are constantly seeking new, better and more cost-effective solutions to meet the demand for services. Through a comprehensive approach, our team constructs a customized financial plan for your utility and then effectively and clearly communicates the plan to help you get the necessary support to make your plan successful.

    Our solutions

    Municipal utility sustainable resources

    Owners of water, sewage, electric and stormwater utilities, not-for-profit water, regional water and sewer districts and special districts face ongoing challenges to sustain their resources. Constantly increasing quality standards, new federal mandates and regulatory compliance are just the beginning.

    Utilities must have financial plans to replacing aging infrastructure and serve more customers during periods of strong economic development as well as for economic downturns when operations and budgets may have to be reduced to ensure customer affordability. Our advisors can strategically help you anticipate and plan for tomorrow’s needs, today.

    Financial management

    • Accounting systems design, implementation and training
    • Audit preparation and financial reporting
    • Debt management planning for infrastructure projects
    • Financial management reports and budget assistance
    • Litigation support services/expert testimony
    • Negotiating inter-governmental agreements for utilities
    • Privatization and municipalization analyses relating to utility ownership
    • Studies of impact and fairness in utility wholesale charges
    • Utility rate studies and cost-of-service analysis
    • Sustainability planning

    Capital planning

    • Asset management planning (AMP)
    • Long-range capital planning
    • Project planning and financial plan development
    • Developing and evaluating funding alternatives
    • Growth/fiscal impact analysis
    • Projects financed by federal grants and loans
    • Capital investment funding through system development charges
    • Financial presentations to elected officials and the public

    Bond issuance and refunding  

    • Official statements and bond sale preparations
    • Presentations to bond ratings agencies
    • Evaluation of bond insurance proposals
    • Competitive bond sales and electronic bidding services
    • Negotiated bond sales and private placements
    • Coordination of bond closings
    • Assistance to the trustee bank
    • Refinancing existing debt
    • Escrow verifications
    • Parity reports

    Post issuance

    • In-progress construction reports
    • Arbitrage rebate calculations
    • Continuing disclosure filings
    • Post issuance tax compliance

    Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors, LLC is a registered municipal advisor and controlled subsidiary of Baker Tilly US, LLP, an accounting firm. Baker Tilly US, LLP, trading as Baker Tilly, is a member of the global network of Baker Tilly International Ltd., the members of which are separate and independent legal entities.