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Complex Disputes & Litigation

When the numbers don’t add up, we cut through the clutter to deliver independent financial analysis that sets the record straight.

Complex Disputes & Litigation

Quantifying the economic harm is a critical component of a high-stakes legal dispute. Baker Tilly helps parties address that question—bringing credibility that carries weight with courts, opposing counsel, and third parties alike.

    A full spectrum of capabilities

    • Arbitration and mediation assistance
    • Damage analysis and quantification
    • Demonstrative and exhibit preparation
    • Discovery assistance
    • Expert reports and disclosures
    • Expert witness testimony
    • Neutral service
    • Pre-litigation strategy consultation
    • Settlement analysis
    • Technology-based data reconstruction and retrieval
    • Trial strategy assistance

    Baker Tilly forensic accounting specialists can analyze economic loss issues and clearly present damage findings in an expert report and testimony under oath.

    Baker Tilly has provided expert testimony regarding damages in hundreds of complex commercial disputes. By virtue of our experience, we have intimate familiarity with the legal process in state and federal courts, as well as jurisdictions around the world.

    We have worked with law firms and general counsel for more than 30 years. We understand how cases and transactions work with tight deadlines that are often court-imposed. The analysis must be delivered efficiently and effectively, without sacrificing integrity. Most importantly, we understand the role forensic accounting reports play in a case. As essential members of your team, our financial experts are well-equipped to uncover financial facts critical to any matter.

    Even better than knowing the rules, is having the power to inform. Baker Tilly brings unquestioned credibility to the table. Our professionals have written technical guidance ultimately published by the AICPA regarding economic damages, discount rates and risk, and other relevant topics. Our technical expertise and skills honed in the courtroom only add to the value we bring from pre-litigation consulting through post-trial settlement analysis.

    Our work is applied in litigation, settlement and damage analysis related to virtually every type of commercial dispute or transaction. In each engagement, we assess the true financial value, using investigative accounting to establish cause and effect and verify the accuracy and reliability of financial data.

    Representing plaintiffs and defendants in venues around the world, we deliver expert witness testimony at trial, in hearings and depositions, in settlement conferences, in regulatory proceedings and in mediation and arbitrations.

    Our reputation for providing credible financial analysis is matched by a passion for financial problem solving and the delivery of reports and testimony that withstand the toughest scrutiny.

    Our team has deep experience performing damage analyses and providing expert witness testimony in matters involving:

    • Construction claims
    • Contract disputes
    • Employment litigation
    • Insurance claims
    • Intellectual property infringement
    • Post-acquisition disputes
    • Professional liability claims
    • Shareholder disputes
    • Marital disputes

    Industry expertise matters

    Clients count on us for a clear and accurate financial picture that withstands the toughest scrutiny. When lawyers need investigative accounting to uncover the financial facts central to a case, they rely on our Global Forensics and Litigation team.

    The analysis and quantification of damages often requires an understanding of the unique dynamics of a particular industry. The Baker Tilly team has experience performing damage analyses in industries including, but not limited to the following:

    • Banking
    • Construction and real estate
    • Energy and utilities
    • Financial services
    • Healthcare
    • Higher education
    • Insurance
    • Life sciences
    • Manufacturing and distribution
    • Private equity
    • Professional services
    • Public sector services
    • Software and technology
    • State and local government