Renewable Energy

  1. Gideon Gradman

    Gideon Gradman

    Baker Tilly Capital, LLC Managing Director

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    Thomas E. Unke



Our specialists are leaders in the industry ⁠— advising renewable energy developers, manufacturers, utilities, universities and tribes

    History has proven renewables as a productive and efficient source of energy. 

    As demand increases and organizations continue to strive for clean energy solutions, the opportunity is now for increased development and distribution.  Developing renewable energy projects can be daunting as you navigate regulations and available incentives.  We have worked across industry lines to make the renewable energy equation make sense for both developers and distributors.   Our team works hand-in-hand with our clients to identify optimal development structures and understand the requirements from concept to completion.

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    Inflation Reduction Act resource center

    Have you explored ways to maximize the Inflation Reduction Act credits for energy-related projects? Our IRA resource center helps companies understand the existing and new tax credits they can benefit from.

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    Energy Community Mapping Tool

    Our energy community mapping tool can help you determine if a project is located in an energy community that may qualify for tax credit opportunities under the IRA.

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    Baker Tilly Teams Up with to Create First Marketplace for Clean Energy Tax Credits

    Baker Tilly and, a clean energy project funding and tax credit marketplace, have formed a strategic collaboration to reduce the complexity of transferring clean energy tax credits.

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    Environmental, social and governance (ESG)

    ESG is emerging as the preferred framework for companies to transparently report sustainability activities. Whether you’re looking to expand on existing ESG efforts or if you’re just getting started, we’ll meet you where you are.