Forensic Accounting

As a multidisciplinary forensic accounting and consulting practice, Baker Tilly delivers accurate and reliable financial analysis for companies in critical situations. Our professionals have decades of experience delivering forensic financial services with accuracy, efficiency and integrity.

    Our solutions

    Our approach to the quantification of economic damages and financial analysis is based on an integration of accounting, economics and finance principles.

    We bring business pragmatism and objective, independent analysis to clients on every assignment. We have a depth of sector-specific knowledge across a wide range of industries, having spent extensive amounts of time in the field gathering information first-hand and examining the environment and contextual setting of each engagement.

    Our professionals possess the certifications and real-world expertise that provide the ability to examine each assignment from a unique perspective.

    In every engagement, we identify the relevant issues, isolate key business metrics, evaluate their financial impact and deliver a full financial picture that creates clarity in complex situations. We provide comprehensive forensic accounting, corporate finance, fraud investigation, valuation, expert witness and forensic technology services, going beyond the numbers to deliver financial transparency in legal cases and insurance claims.

    We have cultivated an accomplished and talented workforce and continually invest in training and development for our team to ensure our clients receive industry-leading service.

    Rely on us to discover and define financial value in:

    • Insurance - For claims made under commercial property, liability and other insurance policies.
    • Legal - For corporate transactions and civil and criminal disputes.
    • Corporate - For matters relating to fraud, valuation, bankruptcy, computer forensics, and in regulatory investigations.
    • Public Sector - For matters pertaining to economic losses, internal compliance, regulatory oversight – and when investigating fraud.

    Each forensic financial investigation is unique. When you must establish the true facts and the correct figures in the course of a deal or a dispute, rely on Baker Tilly’s Global Forensics & Litigation team.

    Forensically speaking podcast

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