Team meeting
Case Study

Utilities commission creates collaborative HR culture

Team meeting
Case Study

Utilities commission creates collaborative HR culture

Client need

As a commitment to employees, a large utilities commission needed to review the organizational processes used by its human resources division and develop a roadmap for the future.

Baker Tilly solution

Baker Tilly’s power and utilities advisory team met with key stakeholders at the utilities commission to understand ongoing human resources-related activities, information flow and cross-communication. The team reviewed existing job descriptions, organizational charts, process documentation, and policies and procedures used to deliver and manage HR services. The specialized team at Baker Tilly also gathered information on challenges, ambiguous areas and opportunities to enhance service delivery and customer relationships. We also assessed cultural and HR organization improvements.


The utilities commission received the following Baker Tilly recommendations for transforming its HR division into a collaborative valued-added function that nurtures staff members’ skills, knowledge and experience:

  • Develop a strategic workforce plan and align career path initiatives with the plan
  • Align HR tactical activities with strategic initiatives to enhance organizational effectiveness through process improvement and workforce planning to help managers prioritize staff resources
  • Prioritize building collaborative teams within the HR division and throughout the organization
  • Develop an organizational training strategy that addresses the technical, developmental and leadership needs that support the commission’s goals for workforce planning and career pathing
  • Use metrics to build key performance indicators that provide insight into the commission’s progress toward strategic initiatives
  • Implement a shadowing program to expand the knowledge base of recruiters to increase their understanding of departmental business needs

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